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script error

i get a
its good, but you could probably add more data to the homepage instead of relying on your forums for example a FAQ page and a hmm "knowledge of the week" or "pet tip of the week" where you show a tip of the week (obviously). it could also do with more colour and some CSS i am willing to help you make the site bigger and better if you want (free of charge) because it gives me something to do (im a very bored person)

WOW that html is messy >< i can fix, but its easier for me to imitate the side and make it again completely PM if you want me to do anything
thanks for the advice Very Happy
Hmm.. not so much a site as a holding page for a forum. Why not just make a forum?

I can't see what the purpose of your site is, other than to promote a forum which visually looks as though it has nothing to do with your home page.

You really need tot hink about what the purpose is of your site, and try to get content in, even if just spacer content for now, so that your page begins to have a feeling of life.

Seriously - i have seen 404 pages and landing pages with more content!

Don't think that massive fonts make up for lack of writing - they don't. Don't shout at people by using large fonts - it's very off putting. Keep your fonts standard.

Spell check. yes, I know most of my posts are littered with errors - I rarely proof read them because I spend so much of my day proof reading i can't be bothered to do it here, but for a website - it's important. You have some spelling errors which do not imbue confidence!

It seems as though the one part of your website that has received most of your time is your logo. In truth, this should have been one of the last things. Plan your site before building it.
Maybe some nice photos of pets would be great. And I agree with Arnold's comments regarding the large fonts. Maybe photos of pets would speak the loudest.

I like the Website as I always think less is more. But yes, you probably need more information than a Forum, so hopefully you have some more basic information for the Home Page.
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