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You usually play games at any level of difficulty?

You usually play games at any level of difficulty?
Very Easy
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 63%  [ 7 ]
 27%  [ 3 ]
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

I like playing Normal/Medium or Easy, playing in just for fun only, occasionally playing levels a bit difficult, when it finished a game so many times I usually do not like to be in a few paragraphs.
So I do not like game level is difficult enough as Dead Rising (too hard), Prince of Persia is just to be quite easy, affordable is the level or more.
Normally I play at normal, but racing games are put to the max since I'm not very bad at them.
Usually just normal, unless I'm playing for just the story then I'll set it to easy. Then next time I play it I will put the difficulty up. Some games are no fun on lower difficultly levels, they are completed to soon.
If it's an fps/shooter then I always play on hard, as for RTS games then usually on normal, those strategy games tend to be easy at first on a harder difficulty, but the further I pass they become impossible to play...
Games that has a start and an end I always try the highest difficulty. If I don't play at the highest difficulty I feel that I'm not actually playing the 'real' game and if I finished the game I can not proudly say that I have finished that game. Of course I can't always have the highest difficulty because sometimes it's to hard. If the game is not good enough the risk is big that I try another game instead. That's why I prefer games to only have one level of difficulty.
I usually play games with huge storyline at normal difficulty, usual linear shooters I try to play them at hard and coop games (like Left 4 Dead) I play them at expert. Left 4 Dead at Expert with 3 other players is perfect. Nothing can make the feeling of fear and caution like Left 4 Dead Campaigns.

I like to play through a game on normal first; to learn the game and to understand the story. Then if it was a good game I will play through again on hard/expert to challenge myself. Expert on Left4Dead is a lot of fun, and really hard. Mostly I play verses, I like advance for playing the campaign. L4D is my favorite game though, hit me up on steam if you guys want to play some time. Steam name: thungsong
Heh, I play regularly play roguelikes so I presume I fall under at least hardcore. Smile I'd still generally prefer hard games, because most games that are too easy get pretty boring pretty quickly. (If they had good immersion and you just wanted to relax, okay, but eh.) Of course in an ideal world more games would have well implemented difficulty levels or a better gradient of difficulty from the early to late game.
I play on normal level, except if I try to play sort of game Im not familiar with, like shooting... Than I change level to easy first. When I play racing games, after some time it can get boring, sometimes it is too easy to finish the game on normal level, so I change it to hard.
If I know I will not play that game again then I start right away with the hardest, but if the game has a replay value then normal difficulty.
I used to always start playing games on Easy, but these days I tend to lean more towards the Normal range of difficulty...

Does anyone remember One Must Fall: 2097?

Fantastic game, was a million times better than Mortal Kombat. You could choose about 10 different difficulty levels. I got to the point where I was all but always winning on the hardest difficulties - and it was only on the hardest difficulties that you could get access to certain bonus events/matches, etc. It gave you incentive to improve Wink.

RTS games can be an exception though. I've generally always played RTS games on the easiest difficulty because I like to win, and when you continually have to restart a level because you weren't quite quick enough with your resource gathering it gets frustrating.

And then there's games like Max Payne where even the easiest difficulty levels cause you to die and reload the game frequently.
OMF? Ofcourse, I loved fighting game + upgrading robots stuff. Smile
I typically play games on normal first. Then I'll play on harder settings. I never... ever play on easy though.
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