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How does twilight compare to the book?

Peace. Hey all,

I read the twilight seris, and now the movie's out. I'm hoping to go see it soon, but I'd like to hear some reviews on it, and how it compared to "twilight" (the book). Was it accurate or was it another harry potter (loads of cut out scences)?

Thanks in advance.
im on eclipse now and i saw the movie after i finished twilight...they did a terrible job in my opinion...the book was sooo good and i was so pumped to go see it but it really doesn't compare to the book... i would go see it anyway just so you know what im talking about..and when you get back tell me what you thought because I only know people who saw the movie and didn't read the book so they liked it..maybe its just me

let me know!!!
it doesn't match that well...some were played while some of the most important message were not...thats why, most of the twilight readers were a bit dissappointed, they prefer to read twilight book rather...
I've seen the movie and read a little of the book... and to be very honest I don't understand how you can like either. The book is poorly written, filled with awkward sentences and bad grammar/syntax.... I just couldn't continue reading. When they describe the smallest details of a conversation with a third grade vocabulary, is it any wonder that the movie's dialogue is equally bad?
I want to see this movie REALLY bad, I haven't had a chance to see it at all.! I hope it's good!
surely the book is better, but I liked the film too. maybe it helped that all I ever expected out of the movie was to be disappointed. i was kind of expecting the worst so maybe that's why I didn't get disappointed. lol. I didn't like Kirsten's acting though. I'm okay with the rest. I suggest you watch it at least twice. The first time will always be a comparison. The second time, you might just actually enjoy the film as it is.
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