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No internet or no sex for two weeks?

You choose! Two weeks! what do you do without? Internet or Sex?
 33%  [ 3 ]
 44%  [ 4 ]
Does this include sex on the net?
 22%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 9

Most Americans Prefer Internet to Sex

Would you rather give up sex or the Internet for two weeks?

For 46 percent of women and 30 percent of men, the answer is sex, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Intel.

Among women ages 18 to 34, about 49 percent opted to forgo sex for two weeks, while 52 percent of women ages 35 to 44 made the same choice. Among men ages 18 to 34, about 39 percent selected Internet time over sex.

The test was conducted online in late November with 2,119 participants age 18 and over.

Of those respondents, 65 percent believed they could not live without Internet access, while 71 percent said it was important or very important to have an Internet-enabled device like a laptop or smart phone.

The Internet is indispensable, whereas discretionary items like dining out, shopping, and gym memberships were not as valuable as the Web, the study said. Participants were asked to rank these items based on how important they are to daily life: 39 percent could not go without cable TV; 20 percent had to dine out; 18 percent needed to shop for clothes; but just 10 percent were lost without a gym membership.

Though people valued their cable TV, most were more likely to give up TV for two weeks than their Internet connection – 61 percent of women and 58 percent overall.

About 68 percent of respondents touted the money-saving capabilities of the Web via online shopping, while 78 percent said they felt their lives had improved because they were able to keep in touch with friends and family. Meanwhile, 47 percent said they could manage their finances better with the help of the Internet.

Personal Note: lmfao so i must say, i would if i had to choose, most likely choose to use the internet for 2 weeks and give up sex. My reasoning, i got too much stuff to do in the next 2 weeks here on the computer, and sex is great, but not as important. Smile I'm curious to see what other frihosters feel about this survey, would you give up the the rest of the net for 2 weeks to have sex? i'm sure some lacking the sex would love to make the trade, but i'm quite content in knowing i can wait two weeks, just need to make up for lost time is all...hehehe
hmm, I absolutely have to have the internet for work, and work means money, and money means going out being able to pay for dates/clubbing net access has gotta win really!

...really really glad I don't actually have to make that choice though Laughing
I'd take the internet if it's just for two weeks. I have to use the internet for my school. All of my classes have homework/projects/etc. that has to be turned in online. I can go two weeks without having sex. It's not like I get that much action anyways.
That's not a fair question. You cannot separate the two. Is there a way to have sex without the internet? S*&T! did I just type that... I mean...ah...sure 2 problem! But seriously, sex would have to go because both of my jobs and all of my contract work deal with internet usage in some facet. I agree with watersoul. Money, money, monnnnnnnnney!
I have to use the Internet for my job, I can't away for two weeks.
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