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Action Figure Collecting

I'm curious... does anyone else here collect action figures?

I'm a casual collector, so I don't tend to focus on any one specific line or era of figures, but my "genre" of action figure tends to be focused on Comics, Movies, TV, and Cartoons.

Star Wars
Marvel Universe
DC Universe
Anime figures

Heres a few of my display pieces that I actually had room to unbox and put up on a few shelves:

I collected a lot as a kid actually, mainly Transformers. I still remember when my Optimus Prime arrived in the mail, I went nuts with excitement. We had to buy most of them over the phone as we lived in a country area.

Anyway I collected probably 50 in my time but I don't have any of them anymore, they are gone somewhere, who knows where. My folks must have turfed them when I moved out of home. Wink
Ay yai yai... I know the feeling. My grandmother sold off all my old He-Man figures even though I still played with them as a child. Power Punch He-Man I hardly knew ye.
Hahaha... as a kid i used to have a few collection of transformers and zoids toys/action figures. Even had a he-man and a couple of MASK (if that's is right?) vehicles. My larger zoids are still on display in my room while the transformers have been stashed off in the drawers and boxes. The rest are probably given away or still packed and kept somewhere. Good thing my mom is a sentimental person who won't just throw them out.

One fine day, we can go through all those growing up memorabilia and have a good time talking about the past and the times we had.
What i liked most was the massive amount of PlayStation games in those photos
I used to collect the toys you get with a Happy Meal at McDonald's Smile Does that count? Smile
I had lots of them, but gave them away to charity when I grew older. They took so much space and now some other kids probably still play with them (I hope so actually Smile)
I recently got into collecting action figures, despite not really knowing what the fuss was about before. I guess for me, I only buy characters from favourite tv shows or movies, as it's an opportunity to surround myself with reminders of things that make me happy. (Which is why, of course, I keep most of them at work.) Favourite action figures so far are my daleks Smile
I had few myself, until run out of space. 12" figures, you know Laughing

By the way, I always thought that it is better to keep the unopened, in their original packaging, and protect them from the dust. Are there some rules about that? When it worth to keep them in mint condition.
I love your collection Esbat! The DC stuff is really great.

I actually just bought my first action figure a couple of weeks ago at ACEN; it's a figure of Dante from the Devil May Cry series. Love it. I also collect Gundam model kits if anyone is into that. I'm currently priming my second one as I type!
i used to collect action figures like naruto, and lord of the rings character figures but once i got bored...i sold it...
I am not a collector but i would want to collect action figures of some musicians and old action figures like heman, gi joe etc.
Nice collection! I collect Star Wars, GI Joe, Masters Of The Universe, Transformers, and Thundercats but mostly only the vintage stuff. Does anyone have any they want to trade?
I used to have a few STIKFAS figurines.. But nowadays I'm not into collecting stick figures
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