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which is the best Digital Cammera?

which one will u choose for buying a digital camera
 33%  [ 4 ]
 50%  [ 6 ]
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 16%  [ 2 ]
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Total Votes : 12

hey i just want to know which is the best digital camera in the market i mean is it CANNON >>>>NIKON>>>KODAK>>>>SONY>>>>>

i think Nikon is the best since i think event the 8 megapixel woks odinary cammera works excellent with a normal zoom ............i go woth Nikon since iam use to it .........

i want your opinion about this which is the best in terms all ie Photo clarity ,,,,,cost and Sleekness

Punch your views here

thank u
Nikon has good focusing on pics
and photo quality is good

nikon has different version which is good for users
I love the Panasonic Lumix, I do a lot of zoom photography so that I can 12x optical zoom is Huge to me.

I also love that it has a lot of configuration options.

I've been trying to save up for a real good camera. I've been looking at cannon lately. I would really like to get a canon camera.
I was doubting about buying a nikon or a canon. I read some reviews and most people told me that they had better results when using nikon. So I bought me one either and I'm very happy with it. It delivers me great color pictures, it is working quite fast, there lenses are of good quality. The only thing I was disappointed about, was there cash back action. Because of there anniversary, I could get some money back in a few weeks, but I had to wait a few months to get it back. Not that this was a big problem, but the company they hired to handle this action, didn't communicate quite well. The positive thing was, that when I contacted the support people of Nikon, they solved the problem in a week. So I think they have to choose such companies more carefully or doing it by them self.
Nikon D40x
I would almost always go with either Canon or Nikon. With the current offerings, for point and shoot, it would probably be Canon (my previous point and shoot was a Nikon, and to be honest, it was awful, especially compared to some of the previous Nikons I had), but for dSLR, Nikon all the way. I may be entering the dSLR market soon as soon as I can save up my pennies.

It does vary of course. Nikon has some great point and shoot offerings and Canon has some great dSLR offerings (and vice versa). Then there are some other brands that are decent, although I haven't seen any up to par with Nikon or Canon.
I work at a photo shop and by far the best picture brought in have been from Nikon Cameras. They have a very different look, and are very clear. Still as always it depend really on the person taking the picture. Great photographers can get good results from disposable cameras. And poor ones can't get good pictures off of a nice camera. I personally use a Cannon point and shot, and I'm extremely happy with it, and it takes good video also.
Canon elph is my favourite point and shoot EVER.
I'd have to say it's a tie between Nikon and Canon. I think they have the best optics and technology out there.
cyberbuddy wrote:
hey i just want to know which is the best digital camera in the market i mean is it CANNON >>>>NIKON>>>KODAK>>>>SONY>>>>>

What do you want to do with it? Different cameras are good for different things. The type of camera that you should look at depends on how you want to use it.

Fixed lens cameras haave tons of features and options built into them, but you have less manual control and of course can't change lenses.

dSLRs have really come down now and you have more control over the camera, but you don't get alot of the bells and whistles that you do with a fixed lens or advanced point and shoot ...

I got a Nikon D60 for christmas and am very happy with it so far, though I'm still learning how to use it. I just bought a 55-200 zoom lens which I want to start playing with this weekend.

My friend has an advanced fixed lens canon and has taken some nice shots, but he can't change lenses, can't use filters, and has limited control over shutter and aperature.

Bottom line, you need to know what you want to do with it before you buy one. If you're a casual shooter who wants nice snapshots, look into an advanced point and shoot. If you want to really get into it, then look into a dSLR
hey i just want to know which is the best digital camera in the market i mean is it CANNON >>>>NIKON>>>KODAK>>>>SONY>>>>>
First of all, Canon is spelled with one "N". Smile
About "what camera is doing best", everybody will say that their camera is the best: I think that everybody thinks that they did an informed choice, they studied 4-5 days (maybe weeks) before the acquisition.
So, who is right, who is wrong here?

Personally I had Canon and only Canon. Maybe because I am a loyal customer and when I decided Canon, I read 4 weeks about the cameras, the differences, etc etc.
I quite like Canon colors, sometimes I feel Sony colors better but when I did the same picture with both camera, some people liked Canon, other people Sony.

The DSLR cameras are using different technologies: Nikon are using Sony sensors - CCD, Canon are using their own sensors: CMOS.
Well, people say that CMOS rules (and I have a 400D) but the photos are not so crisp, beautiful, nice as the one made with Nikon D200. This one (D200) is a superior class than 400D so this amount of money spent (if you have one) are really good investment.

The best camera? How do you decide this? Price over quality? Colors? Dead pixels? Handling?
This options are not... YOU have to decide.
I chose Canon because the menu is soooo simple on 400D and looks professional than D80, D40 (this ones are line some cartoon movies, a lot of animations).
I had Canon A510, then A530, A710IS and A720IS (this one is now my back-up camera).... when I decided to get a DSLR, chosing a Canon menu was the best idea: the menus are sooo similar!

I'm looking for a new camera but I can't decide, what do you thing a superzoom or nearly a professional one.
I would like to have a profressional camera over the camera with 10 or 12x zoom. I have a Canon XTi and i bought a 300mm zoom lens and it works great together, i love it.
I like Sony cameras
I have only used Samsung, Canon and Sony digital cameras. never used Kodak and Nikon before so I can't say. I guess it all still depends on the features. For me though, I prefer Canon or Sony because, aside from the loyalty thing, I've never had a problem with them and they get really good quality pics.
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