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Senate Judiciary Committee: Rober's Nomination, what a joke

S3nd K3ys

Roberts Assures Pols He's No Idealogue
Thursday, September 15, 2005
By Liza Porteus

Frustrated by the lack of personal views on hot-button topics like abortion, privacy and end-of-life decisions, Democratic senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee took one more chance Thursday to try to coax answers out of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts (search).

They're all butte-hurt because Robers won't answer specific questions pertaining to cases HE HAS NOT EVEN HEARD YET. Yet they all know how literally STUPID it would be for him to answer those kinds of questions. Do they honestly think we're so stupid that we will not see that? Cripes.

They're also claiming they "know nothing about him or how he would rule". Bullshit. They've had THOUSANDS of pages of documents release about him, they've also got YEARS worth of cases he's presided over to help them get a fawking clue as to where he stands on issues. (LoL, Democrats + Clue... I made a funnay)

I never knew how freaking wacked out Ginsburg was until the last few days. Dayumn. With beleifs like she has I am suprised she is allowed within 5 miles of a school.

She was hired based on her ability and qualifications, why shoud roberts be any different?

The democrats just look like all-purpose dickheads on this one. The democratic party is really dead. Repugs will have the presidency, house, senate, and the supreme court.

When will the democrats wake up?

Joe Biden said he was the best candidate to ever sit before the Senate. But I bet Joe Biden votes against him.

Democrats have marginalized themselves by running away from the ideals of non-pussays and moderates like JFK, Zell Miller, Lieberman, etc.

The checks and balances are gone, because the DNC is now owned by Eli Pariser, Hollywood, Big Union thugs, and extremists. They are far more into the pockets of the DNC than oil companies are into the pockets of the GOP.
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