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Local DJ Website

This is a website for a successful DJ. This version is nearly finished.
Please have a look at it and whip back to this forum to let me know what you think.
Any new suggestions are always welcome.

Very Happy
Yeah it looks good, but one thing I would say/ask is... why do you have two sets of menus?? One is already in the page, and another is in a frame to the left :S
Well the idea is that not only is it another method of navigation it tells the user what page they are on. (The top bar appears with the current page button depressed)

If you have someone looking for a DJ it kind of makes sure they have looked at every part of the website (and don't miss any of it).

People surfing for services usually pick 3 similar sites offering similar services and skim through them rapidly.

In this case a person looking for a DJ they might not have considered that they could hire the equipment and do the DJing themselves.

Thanks for the comment. Wink
You bring the guests,
we bring the party...

Yes mann you really rock...!!! The site is a bit simple and to be honest a little weird at some points...!! But on the whole the site serves its purpose and is best suited with the intention...!!

Keep rocking mann...!! Best of luck to you and your site...!!
Well, its okay, but I think it could be far better. First, get rid of that frame or whatever it is that holds the main content. I hate having to scroll sideways and vertically in the same area. I would nuke the frames altogether and instead put in a CSS driven website that uses divs to break up the space.

I'd also get rid of the dual menus. Just take your main content frame and use that. Also, I'd get rid of the clip art. It doesn't look professional. In fact, I was expecting the DJ to be a small time guy who did a couple weddings in his off time. When I saw the photos, though, I was impressed. Make the website reflect that.

Also, I'd take off the "edit" button on every page. Instead, I'd have a special page where the client can go to access the edit functions.

Basically, I think your code is pretty bloated and could be reduced by quite a bit, just by using CSS for your website.

Good luck in your endeavors!
Well with the last comments around removing the dual set of buttons and the frame, that was specified by the client.

However, I intend to make the code lighter and making the frame borders invisible.

I'm leaving the edit button on the editable pages.

Thanks for the comments, I like css and making beautiful lightweight web pages with them.
I'm coming from a technical angle and am weaker in the area of art, but I had to use the clients art which he paid for and that's what he wanted.
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