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What if I want to ask someone in my class out (im 15)?
I feel like I know her too well.
And we have long chats on facebook and msn.
but sometimes she calles me a retard and other things as in a joke or sarcasm and so.
That makes me pretty unsure.
What to do?
End up your misery man. You have to either ask her out, or forget about her and keep going.

May be she's joking and maybe she's seeing you like this, under estimate you. You are the only one to judge if you are too afraid to ask her out before you are 100% sure about it, and too afraid to regret it if you dump her and keep going.
Da Rossa
Retard? maybe just an unfit joke. Start getting (quickly) more mature at those conversations and, when she less expect, ask her out. She will immediately change the immaginary she has about you.
Is she dating someone else? Or are you in one another's company most of the time? If she is dating other guys, perhaps an idea could be to ask someone else out, and see how she reacts? Not to make her jealous, just to see whether this has an affect on her. Otherwise it would be nice to have her only as a friend. And you would not have gained or lost anything by it.
Think it is ok to ask someone out if you think you want know the person better and/or like them. What is a good idea is to go where other people are or with other friends sometimes or pick something that you both like doing.

Getting to know someone is fun but part of it is dealing with each other. No person in this world is perfect we all have our faults and that takes some understanding. Are you ok with being called a retard? Sometimes it is funny but . . .

If you don't really like it maybe you could say in a nice way "I don't like being called that, it makes me >>>>>>>feel>>>>>> _________________ and then ask your friend if they wouldn't mind not doing that anymore.

What are what friends all about? Talking and asking each other for respect?
Just go for it. You have little to lose and much to gain!
yup, go for it
If you don't ask her out you will always wonder what could have been.
Da Rossa
Hey pin3! Keep us updated!! Very Happy
do or only live once Razz
have confidence, grow some balls and find out . like how everyone said it in here DO OR DIE!! JUST DO IT
Da Rossa
muffinman187 wrote:
have confidence, grow some balls and find out . like how everyone said it in here DO OR DIE!! JUST DO IT

Sometimes the wisest ideas are the shorter ones. Do as they say. And TELL US THE RESULT PLEASE!
Look you can wait and wait and wait and run the risk of her going out with someone else OR you may not be in love with her anymroe when you do decide to do it then break her heart in the process SO the best idea is TO JUST DO IT walki up to her (even better if her friends are there because you look braver) and say "May i take you to <place> this weekend?" OR "Would you like to go out?" OR "Could i please have the privilege of having you as the most beautiful girlfriend of all time?"
Zip up your man suit and just ask her out. Trust me... if you don't do it, you'll later wonder what could have been. You never want to have to wonder what could have been.
Kaseas wrote:
Just go for it. You have little to lose and much to gain!

I agree with this...just give is a go Smile
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