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Google News Offers RSS and Atom Feeds

Adding to the endlessly growing features of Google News beta, Google has recently included RSS and Atom feeds to the ever popular news service. The new feeds will allow you to be constantly up to date by a range of feeds offered by Google for its news categories. The feature can also be used by specific search terms on Google News such as "NASA" or "PSP."

The Google News feeds are designed for non-commercial use and direct the end user directly to the site which generated the story, and not only to Google News results.

The terms of service also demand that if a publisher incorporates the feeds onto a web site, the publisher must attribute the feeds to Google News, attribute each news item to its provider, using the provider name as it appears in the Google News feed, include a link to the Google News cluster of related articles for each news item, using the link provided in the Google News feed and also identify the search terms used to generate the feed. Normal users can simply subscribe to Google News RSS feeds in their web aggregator of choice.

This is the single most requested feature by Google News users, says Nathan Stoll, Google News product manager. The Google news feeds can be delivered to any RSS or Atom news reader service, including the personalized home page that Google offers users, which contains such a service, Jaffe says. The new feature works only for Google News editions in English, which include sites for the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and several other countries, Stoll says.

Google is not announcing any plans to extend the content syndication feature to Google News editions in other languages, he says, adding that Google has 22 localized editions of Google News in nine different languages.
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