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Snowboard Bindings

I'm going to try snowboarding this year. I picked up a used snowboard. It's a 163cm Volant.

Now I have to get a set of boots and bindings. There are click-in, step-in and strap in bindings. I'm not sure which kind to get.

I think the strap-ins would be the most hassel getting in and out of them at the lift, but most stable on the hill.

The click-ins are probably the easiest to deal with at the lift, and the easiest to totally come out of.

How well do the step-in bindings work? What are their strong points and weeknesses? How much of a hassel are they at the lifts? Are they loose on the slopes?

I'm an old guy in my 50's that has skied for years, not very agressive any more, will take on the black runs but prefer blue's. I don't grind rails and stay out of half pipes. I really like using short snow blades so I should have good enough balance for a board.

I have mounted regular releasable bindings to 2 pairs of snow blades before because I hate having to bend over to fiddle with bindings.

Should I find a set of click-in bindings and matching boots, or go for step-in bindings and universal boots?

Thanks for any insights.
click ins are good until they get gummed up with snow & ice at which time they become a nightmare.

straps are good but can place undue pressure and certain spots of your feet and can sometimes be hard to get 'that perfect fit' every time you strap in. Bindings with the toe strap can help a bit.

I've never used step in bindings but i imagine they'd fall prey to the same issues that click ins will.

The option that you have neglected to mention at all is what I use. Bindings by Flow.

essentially you fit them once and get them perfect by adjusting the front support, and maybe marking your sweet spots with perm marker in case you have to disassemble things. Once they're fit theres a clip on the back that secures the back in place, drop the clip (then the back of the binding) and slide your foot out / slide your foot in raise the back & secure the clip. They are extremely fast and provide awesome support, not to mention skiers don't have any reason to complain anymore when i've got my back foot in and secure before clearing the chair exit practically.

You can get base models flows for fairly cheap too.
Click-in bindings get iced up so easily, you'd be better off with straps. What will happen is you'll think you've got your foot in when you've not with the click-ins because of ice build up. You spend longer trying to clear off the ice than strapping yourself up.
Welcome to the forum googley, that was a great reply!!

A couple of other folks I know use Flow bindings and said they would never consider any other type/brand. They had lots of problems and broken pieces with every other brand they used until they started using Flows, and have not had a binding problem or failure for many years now with the Flows.

I've ordered Flow bindings and Vans boots.

I'm stoked!
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