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Wireless Connection XP and Vista

Okay. So I need help. I'm not good with networking ... at all!

So, I have a wireless routher (Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter).

Wireless connected to this is my ....
XP SP3 PC (using Phillips SNU5600 54Mbps 802.11b/g Wireless USB Adapter),
my Vista Laptop
brothers Vista laptop

All of them are definitly using the router for internet access, that I know. However, I'd like them to be networked so my printer (installed on the PC), can be used by both laptops.
I'd also like to be able to share files over the network between (at least) my PC and my laptop.

I've installed an XP microsoft update which allows vista to see XP computers.

And allowed file and printer sharing.

But I honestly have no idea what to do.

At the moment I'm using Orb which is installed on the PC to access media files over the net (and important documents). But I'd much prefer to have a proper network up-and-running.

Can anybody provide step-by-step instructions as to what to do?

Thank you in advance.
Hi Wum Smile

I'm going to recommend putting all of the computers onto the same workgroup. I'm not lucky enough to have an iPhone so I can't help with that though sorry [/jealousy]

These steps are pretty much the same for both XP and Vista;
Right click 'My Computer' and go to Properties. Go the computer name section and change settings.
Where it says to rename or add to a domain or workgroup, click the change button.
Name each PC uniquely and choose a workgoup name for them all to use. Reboot
Now, once they are all in, go to 'My Network Places' (Network on Vista), and you should start to see the other computers showing up with the names you just specified.

To share a folder, right click the folder and go to 'Sharing & Security', enable the share and choose a share name (what others will see the folder called) and choose who to give access to.
You can create more local accounts to provide more control over the shares if you want.

To share a printer, right click it and go to share again. Like above, choose a name and select permissions. If you have a mix of 64 bit and 32 bit then you'll need to install extra drivers (as you didn't mention it I'll assume you dont.).

When you go back to network places now, double click one of the computers with a shared resource and you should see it available. Clicking on a share drive/folder will result in being asked to authenticate yourself afterwhich you'll be able to acess files. Clicking on the printer will result in first being asked to install the printer afterwhich it will be available to use for printing.

Good luck, my post is rather brief i'm afraid but if you run into any specific problems I can help you out (as I'm sure many of our members are!). Very Happy
maybe the more simple is to run the network assistant on your vista computer

a question: its your xp is a clean version ?

if yes, you can update it with some little files to be able to connect it on vista operating system
You have to Check:
Workgroup (have to be the same in your two computers)
- In Windows Vista: Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced System Configuration > "Cumputer Name" > Click On "change" Select "Workgroup" and put the name that you want
- In Windows XP: Right click on "My Computer" > "Properties" > Cumputer Name" > Click On "change" Select "Workgroup" and put the name that you want

In Windows Vista you have to configure the "Network And sharing Center":
- Start > Control Panel > "Network And sharing Center"
- Make sure that to activate all options but the "Password Potection" must be disabled

- Make sure that your user and your brother user on Windows have passwords
- To do the sharing you can consult that Microsoft documentation:
I strongly suggest not to use the Wireless Zero Configuration WZC, use the client utilities to perform a site survey and deployment after.

Please ensure that you have conectivity first(NO ENCRYPTION), then add the protection you want:


You'll want WPA2 with AES, don't use TKIP.

If you're Natted, you should consider using static IP's, DHCP sometimes cause problems.

oufti wrote:
maybe the more simple is to run the network assistant on your vista computer

a question: its your xp is a clean version ?

if yes, you can update it with some little files to be able to connect it on vista operating system

Yeah, thats right
Thank you for all your replies, sorry it took me a while to posting, just got out of hospital yesterday.

So far I've got my PC and my laptop connected which was the most important thing Smile
iphone is kinda connected - it can find my router. and connect to files through OrbCast.

brothers laptop - I can see it on it everything, but so far not connected. But this is probably due to setting file permissions, blah, blah.

But the stuff I wanted to do the most is done, so thank you all (:

Phew. Finally done.

Brothers laptop had the (horrendous) Norton Internet Security software installed which was blocking the connection over the network. Just gave permission and "wallah!".
iPhone STILL not connected, even with apps downloaded which says it can network to PC's. But oh well.
Can't complain, all is working rather fine and dandy

Thanks for the help, -locked-
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