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Ttraveled between different countries

My friend spent her holiday last year in the south of Europe. She just travelled between different countries. I never heard someone talking so exciting about a holiday! She first went to Paris, France to watch the Eiffel Towers and spent 4 days in a Paris hostel. She said that it was really good and not expensive. You won't expect that from a hostel in the middle of the centre in Paris! After she saw Paris, she just grabbed the train and went to Spain. She stayed there in a hotel en Toledo and after 1 day she already fell in love with the city. We're going there next year together, but then for a longer period. She only had two weeks off of work and she also wanted to go to Italy, so she had to leave Toledo already after 5 days.

Her last location was Venice. She stayed in one of those Venice hotels. I think it's a recommendation to travel trough more countries except for staying at the same place for 2 weeks. At least my friend had a good time!
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