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bald vs hair


now bald:

Every time we glance at a person, we unconsciously form an opinion of them. We judge them before they have a chance to speak for themselves. Often this initial judgment (sensed by us as a feeling) is hard to overcome. Even if the person is the sweetest person in the world, if you initial feeling will taint each experience with them. The actions of a crush may seem cute at the time, but others just see them doing innocent actions. The converse is also true. If a person is immediately judged as a threat, we tend to stay away from them.

You have asked (whether you realized it or not) people to judge you differently by your baldness. Based on the photos alone, I would deem the person with hair as an outgoing and humorous guy. The newer pictures make me think the subject is a punk, up to no good. Perhaps it is the electronics behind you in the first picture, but you appear to be more intelligent than in the others. Again, these are based on appearances alone. Obviously you have not changed on the inside between the pictures, but I am sure you have noticed that people treat you just a little differently.

As Mr. Rodgers would say, it is what is on the inside that counts. People who know the real you (neither with a head of hair or bald) are your real friends.

If you forced me to choose between the two, I would have to say your hair was better, but mostly because of your rocking sideburns.
Truly i have to say that your looks are good when you are with hair than when you are without it...!! I don't intend to say that your bald appearance is bad but in my opinion the one with hair is the best as compared to the second and third pic without hair...!!

So grow your hair and be a cool dude mann....!!!
I don't think he looks up to know good no good with him being bald but then I go bald in the summer as my hair gets dirty to quick otherwise.

Sideburns look nice but in the second picture, you look fine in too, as well.

Whatever you think you like more, stick with as all that matters is that you like it. Very Happy

As for voting, I think you look better in the second photo, actually you look kinda like "Vin Diesel".

Runs and hides before zyd666 reads post.
Ghost900 wrote:
actually you look kinda like "Vin Diesel".

You're right. I was told I looked like the guy from the Transporter movies. For the pictures: you look fine either way. I too have tried several different hair styles. I liked them at the time, but then decided I wanted something new and then I did something else. Just be yourself and go with what you think fits you.
You certainly look different bald, but not in a bad way. I can see why someone might think you look a little tougher in the second and third pictures, but you're also wearing a black muscle shirt and you're not smiling. Could you post a picture of you would be interesting to see what comments you'll get then. Personally I like shaved heads and it's so common now that most people don't really react much to them. It's really amazing to me how much a change in ones hair style can change your looks so dramatically. Anyways if you're happy with your new look...keep it and smile! Smile
you have different sight at each hair style
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