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The House Of M - Marvel Comics

The House of M is this Marvel Comics event that takes place in a Scarlet Witch created parallel universe where mutants have taken over society and regular humans become second class citizens. I've just started reading it, and it's really awesome! And it's not too difficult to get into with limited comic book knowledge behind you, as long as you know most of the characters (Spiderman, the X-men, Iron Man, etc.)

Has anyone else read it? What do you think?
I read The House of M a while ago, I don't remember exact details but I thought it was a pretty interesting storyline. I thought the ending was especially sunrising and crazy.


All mutants loose their powers except those directly involved with The House of M as they were protected from Scarlet Witches power. Also Wolverine came out of it all with all of this memories!
is it available on the net ???
atul2242 wrote:
is it available on the net ???

There is probably a torrent out there, as I believe it was put into digital form. Probably viewable through the program "Comical". I read most of the Civil War series that way, and I'm not a big fan of it, I would much rather have the book in my hand.
Is this different from the one which is a mini series thats running right now. was it Civil War House of M?
I haven't been up to date with comics recently and haven't a slightest idea what major story arcs are going on right now but both Civil War and the House of M are over. House of M came first followed by Civil War. I think after Civil war was World War Hulk, where The Hulk came back to earth after being sent to another planet by several marvel heroes. the ship he was sent in ended up exploding and killing his new wife that he meet on that planet. So he goes back to earth super angry, thus stronger than ever to get revenge.
House of M was alright, but depowering so many characters... It's sad to see some of my better liked characters out of action. Secret invasion was pretty good, came after world war hulk. The up and coming Dark reign looks really really good with the villains being in charge and the heroes being vigilante criminals trying to the government. also this month the scarlet witch makes her first appearance after the whole house of M thing! it's going to be interesting to see how she handles having committed genocide against her own people.
Wow a lot of crazy stuff has happened since I've been away from comics. The new story lines sound kind of interesting so if I have time I guess I'll have to catch up.
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