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How long do you think you'd go without your computer?

How long without a computer?
An hour
 17%  [ 16 ]
12 hours
 8%  [ 8 ]
A day
 19%  [ 18 ]
A week
 20%  [ 19 ]
A month
 9%  [ 9 ]
More than a month
 23%  [ 22 ]
Total Votes : 92

I can't go a couple hours without being online if I know I can go online.If I can't go online or I don't have a working computer I could go a year.
I can only go a day or so without my PC before getting withdrawal symptoms! Shocked
I can go a long time without a computer. I havent had a comptuer for a long time. So I know if I didin't have one I really wouldn't care.
I can't go without computer more than 1 day. It will really bored me.
1 Day. Or I'll die with the amount of PMs I'm getting each day.
I could go a week w/o a comp. but actually computers are my passion.. i guess it is in my veins.. But my life does not totally revolve on it but im an addict nonetheless..
lol it funny but i didnt think i could last an hour without my pc
for me its my life lol
but damit happened that my motherboard was fuking
restarts every reboot so i had to change it and it took me 2 weeks to change it and it was hell for those 2 weeks but if it was a month instead i
think i could have done it allthough i would go to my friends house to play on his pc lol
i put 1 month o the poll more i would kill myself lol
without pc its hell
As much as I love computers, I really do hate them with a passion. Look around computers are controlling the world, people can't do anything without them any more. Most of this world would practically stop if something ever happened to computers. It is dangerous being dependant on something that much, especially something thats is so non-dependant.

Back on topic, As painful as it might be I could never touch another computer again for the rest of my life and still be content.
I could go forever without it. I would simply get a job and keep occupied with other things. I'd miss my computer though...
well i was once without a comp for about 18 days but if the comp is in front then say around 2-3 days
yea, if i can go online, ill last like 2 hours, but if i cant, i can go forever
Generally speaking not a whole long time if I have the ability to be on it, but once it's been a day or so I can go a week if I don't have a reason.
I wont mind being off for over a month.
When i'm on holidays I could go my whole life without.

Like really, theres more to life then Computers. Wink Rolling Eyes
If I don't have the PC in front of me..I dunno how long I'd last.
a week or two, i guess. Wink
Reckon I could last a day... but only just. I spend about 90% of my free time in front of my computer, and a lot of that surfing the net. Otherwise I'd be reduced to some kind of a book-reading nerd! *shock, horror!*
I think I can be without my computer in a mounth, which I almost did this summer. I played Handball in Italy in one week and after that I went to Gothenburg with my family for 2 weeks. It was okej but in the end all I thought of was to sit infront of my computer^^
If I have a PC close to me I can't be far from him ,but I'm not that addicted if I'm busy.

So,I voted a week !
I could go without my computer for a good long time, if the need arises. That first couple of weeks is always the hardest, but it's perfectly surviable. Remember... there's still people out there who don't even have a computer.

But if at all possible, I'd carry a computer around with me wherever I went. Not a laptop, mind you (too bulky), but a wearable computer. I'm currently trying to make one, and it shouldn't be all that difficult. The hardest part is the display. That's gonna cost somewhere between $500 and $2000 dollars. The rest of the parts I figure I can salvage from laptops. Not that anyone here really wanted to know that.
[quote="coolclay"]As much as I love computers, I really do hate them with a passion.[quote]

Wait... what?
i cant go without one at all or ill freak... even if it doesnt have internet its all good. its hell when im in school... i go crazy
its fine having a pc with internet but i can do without if i wnated
but for school i need to make some assesment on the pc so....
2 weeks, when my monitor broke up. But it's boring and it's the live without many friends - icq or other...
T3 Architect
not even a day
I can go without it for more than a month, I already have, I was grounded from it for 6 weeks at the start of April this year.
at work I use my pc about 5 hrs a day, and when I get home I use mine for about 5 hrs. So I think that i would not know what to do without my pc.
I guess i need to get a life and not spend so much time on the pc. But actually I can walk away from it for long peroids of time. But it does help me relax at night when I get off of work. Laughing
A week maybe?.. Coz I must have to use a computer regularly coz if I don't.. They'll kick me out from my work..

I need to do some paper works for proposals and the like.. Idea

Elbow man
Half an hour. If I can't see a computer, I start having widthdrawal symptoms. I get really bored and restless, and whenever a conversation changes to technology, I jump head first into it.
looool.... well, I guess that if I could be 5 minutes away from the pc, my girlfriend would be very happy, because she complains a lot about being a lot of time on the pc and not give her attention... some day she'll tell me to marry instead with the pc rather than with her... Rolling Eyes
If the need of work, I do not go to Internet for week all right at most
longest i've been was about a was rough.
If I knew I could go online, the most would be a day. If I'm on vacation and I could go online, I would be able to resist for at least a week.
I sooo need my comp to have internet to be happy with it(cause It can't really play games)
When I didn't have internet for a year I never touched this thing,except for the occasional Fire Emblem or Diablo 2 during my summer break.
I can go forever without the computer, basically because I am used to not having time for it, mainly because all my life consists of is work and school, oh and other stuff, but not much other stuff. I live the best life in the world...(sarcasm)...but I would sacrifice my life for money, mainly because then I can afford a house when I am old enough to move out.

OMG it would be hell if i lost my computer.....for more than a week, but that would never happen because i have friends and i would just go over to there house......But still that would be hell if i had to resort to that
If no PC around, I'll totally forget it.
honestly my pc relaxes and at the same time stresses
quite ironic hehehehe that is because i work with computers
which really gives stress but at home there's not much
of an entertainment but my PC hehehhee but im really
glad im not hooked on to it like i cant live without it. its
good to know i still have a life away from computers lolx Laughing
i made it through for more 3months without a computer
i really spent most of my time at the park playing chess
just to keep my mind working and play my guitar and
piano hehehehe..its really great to live in a fantasy world
with your PC but its better to live in the real World (nature,
interact with real people face to face,etc)

I suggest you take some time to appreciate things around
you while they still exist Wink
I COULD go a month without my computer, but I'd never want to. back in highschool(while living with the parents), I got grounded from the computer once, and I couldn't keep off of it. I just waited until my parents were asleep, then got on.

recently I've gone some pretty extended amounts of time with no computer time. Having a kid does that to you, really. Priorities get scrambled Wink
I sold my computers and moved up to the hills. Didn't by a new one for 20 months. Plenty of internet cafes around.
Just not the same though. Went to Fiji and got a job had a few computers. I set up small a network and never did more than play a game, or two, read email or maybe record some data.
now i've got me a brand-new PC with slackware and xp installed; spend 12 hours a day playing with some old toys like Perl, Tk, c, C++, ASM, HTML, SQL and some new toys, llike PHP, java, javascript, Mason, xHTML, style sheets and the like. got me a whole pile of ebooks and I ain't seen the sunshine in weeks. But I'm codin' llike crazy.
I figger I could fit two more machines on/under my desk then I'd have nice platform to really start playin'...
really need to both platforms up and runnin all the time and then the ol' lady wants to check email while I pace the floor, waitin'
I thin a week will be ok.....
Of course i want to use it every day Wink
I'm shocked that your soonest option is one hour! With the exception of sleeping, I'm plugged in with nearly all aspects of my life. At work, I'm constantly checking/replying email. At home, I'm still checking email or surfing the web....
if i can get on a computer then i will for as long as i can...i can't stand to be away from a computer...i go to the library during lunch and i take web mastering just so i can get on the computer every single day for a whole in web mastering right now
maybe about a week Laughing
If im bored at home i wont go very long!
If im on holiday i wont even think about being on a PC instead or if im just out having fun or have plenty of other stuff to do id gladly go without a pc for a long time
I cant live without my PC more than a day...
~ week if it is vacation... and if i have my PDA with me:) Without communicaton it feels like you missing something important, and i just cant miss it(arghhhh)
1 day... NO MORE!!! If not... I DEAD!! hahahaha

one day... i can live without my computer Confused Confused
When my internet connection went, to me it felt like I was living in the stone age, to know that you can't go online whether or not you actually wanted too or not but just to know it just doesn't sit right, but to know I have internet I have the choice not to use it, and to do something else.

Its been months since my computer got busted and still I can live without it.
I pretty much could go without a computer for infinity. I'd rather be outside jumping off my house or throwing mushrooms at the sky. Computers aren't that great. Ther are pretty amazing, but flying* is more fun.

*see your local gymnastics academy for details.
hmm a week I think Confused but if it is really boring not longer than a day Wink
Juuuuuuuust enough to get over to the next one =))
I spend about 90% of my free time in front of my computer, and a lot of that surfing the net.

I am the same way... The internet is an endless source of entertainment.

I dunno how I managed before the internet was born Laughing
if theres a need to get away from my computer. i could be away for more than a month... but in normal conditions if i dont have anything special to do... i could be a week away from the computer before getting sick symptoms
I need to online .. very much . I cant live without internet and computer . Although I havent get back my broadband now .
Hmm... - I could go the rest of my life without a computer.
I would just have to find something else to do in my spare time...
If I had to go without it for the rest of my life - I would miss it lol.
But I normally go on it everyday.
So my answer- If I was able to go on it - about a week.
I'll say a day ... I'm on it all day at work and frequently at home, though I'm usually on at least once a day.
Well if i dont have a choice i could be away from my computer dor 1 month i dont think longer becourse you can use it every day with things u have to do on the computer but for games or chats i could miss it a month but i dont want that everyday i have to be on my computer for checking my emails or chat or do other stuff... Its my radio either all my music is on it and i cant live without music.
actually i can only be without the pc for less than a day. But now i am facing the challenge.. my pc broke down. i usually use the pc for internet only. Although i have bought a new one already, i cannot access to the net now.... i need to wait for the technicians from ISP to come and install the network connection... so i do not turn on the pc as usual now. It's really hard for me...
I say about 1 month.
I'm atm. installing a computer (and 4 screens) in my car. 1 screen for Sat.Nav., 1 for the media and 2 in the front headrests for the grandkids (with the hope they will quiete down) =))
So,, without computer?,,,, nah,no,niet,nein,nej,niente! Aint happenin' =))
that little pumping muscle within my ribcage i can do without, my laptop, i cannot.
Mate, I cannot stay without a computer. I have grown up with them and will stay with them forever!
I was grounded for almost a month so i guess i could go without it for a month.
I can go for a month without touching my computer. Although I have to touch it every day because of my course. Back in high school, i manage to go without touching my pc for almost 3 months. That wasn't bad at all. I can still live without this peace of technology. Having a computer is good, but it doesn't mean that it will be your life.
Considering most of my business comes from my website, not long. Personally, I could lose it for a week.
I could handle a month without a computer, but there is no reason to haha - I'd get mega bored. I hate it when you have to get up to date with forums and such after you return.
I went to MOngolia for three weeks, and then I forgot that this place would be ticking down Surprised

I nearly lost my account Crying or Very sad

I could go long time without my PC, but I would miss it
Dude y'all are freaks i could go a whole month without my comp.
does anyone here have a laptop???
i really dont understand how this is a hosting website i wanted to upload a video onto the web and......
it didnt work goddammit
Well, I'd like to be one of those optimistic realists that says I could live without my computer forever, but a while ago, I got grounded from my laptop for a month, and let's just say I was extremely thankful that the high school has a computer lab with Internet access. It's a scary world out there in non-computer land. And I wouldn't last one minute in it.
Sadly enough I can't be away from my computer. My husband and my dad both call me and start the conversation by saying, "go to xyz website." They've stopped asking if I am near the computer...or if it's turned on....they just know me b y now Smile
If i go on vecation i can be without my comp for month or years Very Happy i like to travell but if i are bored so can't i be without my comp fpr a hour ;P Very Happy
LOL, not very long. If I don't have access to my computer at all, (vacation or something like that) then I can go on for a while. If the computer is accessible, I can't help myself, I MUST use it. Laughing
After a week without internet, i feel like go to internet so i prefer stay without internet unless a week.
Forever if that's the limit. I'm not addicted Smile
Depends on the replacement activity.
Gotta go without computer for over 3 weeks. Because I'm going in vacation.
No Computer, no internet.... But warm ocean and haot days. Not as here in Germany...
i could make it a good 10 minutes away form my computer
if i had already accounted for the time by having a good supply of porn. lol
Well, I have gone 1 week+ without the computer, but I'd give myself 11 minutes, lol.
Nameless wrote:
Reckon I could last a day... but only just. I spend about 90% of my free time in front of my computer, and a lot of that surfing the net. Otherwise I'd be reduced to some kind of a book-reading nerd! *shock, horror!*

Just like me! Laughing

One day only. It's when strange things start to happen with me, like me starting to do my college works and studying. In May, I was without my computer during one long long long month. Can you imagine the effects that this done to me?
a day for me will do coz after that I'd be scratching my hands itching to touch the keyboard and go online surfing
An hour. On my slow internet at home it takes about that log for a 1.6 megabyte file to finish downloading.
yea, if i can go online, ill last like 1 hours, but if i cant, i can go forever
I cant leave my computer for a couple of hours. all most everything i do is on the computer. Plus im busy posting on FriHost trying to get free hosting Very Happy
I think it hard for me to leave computer more than one hour.
No matter what I do, I must do with computer except taking a shower.
I could go for over a month probley. I've gone weeks before with out the computer. If i have other things to do there is no problem in me from staying away. Very Happy
Not long at all, I work as a software engineer -- so it's pretty much my life.
When my PC crashed before, it took me months to finally be able to take it to a technician (i don't know why XD). Computer is my life! During times without PC, I'm dead. I feel like I'm not myself and a big big part of me is missing. I always touch my computer everyday even though I'm really really tired. I go online as much as I can.
I just went 7 months with out a pc.. and I am a computer freak.. So i was like going nuts with out my pc.. Ended up getting a phone that could get on the net and surf and email and instant msg and play games so then I was ok... LOL .. But for real.. With out a pc and internet it seems so blah .......
I can go without for the max half a day I guess...that's if I have something else to occupy me else I'll go nuts with boredom.
I can lieve without computer, BUT WHY?

Sorry for my bad english
I can go more than one month without pcc Smile
Duncan Idaho
AH! DONT LEAVE ME COMPUTER!!! My PC is a large part of my life. I can barely go a day with out it. Any one else name the PC they built? Anyone?
I can live without a computer. The computer doesn't control my mind to play it. It's depend on whether I wanna play it or not.
Probably a day, because I need to update lots of sites, and keep track of stuff.
I wont need it exactly from the time I leave my house to the time I arrive at work Laughing
My Gf voted that i cant go an hour without my pc Sad lol .. cheeky buggah.

But i guess it's true, i take my laptop wherever.. But only cause i can and i need it lol. And anyways, when im not on it, she on it Neutral Sad
I could last a day without a pc, but I think any more than that would cause me too much stress.
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