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Motel nightmares

Recently I had to stay at a motel. Actually it was the Day's Inn in Kentucky, just south of Ohio, I think it was exit number 188 off of Interstate 75.

To be honest I have had three experiences with motels that WERE worse, but this one sucked. We called and arranged for our room a few days in advance, making sure to inform the management that we had an elderly, disabled person with us and she would have to be accommodated.

This place was totally pathetic. There were two regular beds and a 'rollaway' bed. When we arrived my uncle went to check in and get our room number while I stayed in the car with my aunt. As we were carrying our things to the room and helping my aunt get there with her walker, the manager came up and said he had given us a room that was already occupied and that they would have to move us. We had to take my aunt all the way back to the car because it was very cold that day while we waited to get our new room. This new room was not handicapped or disabled equipped, there was no heat in the bathroom (and it was freezing in there). When my uncle sat down on one of the beds the entire corner collapsed. It took almost an hour for someone to show up to fix it.

And the mattress on the rollaway bed was so thin that I could feel the wires that held the mattress up.

Come to think of it, one of my other motel nightmares was also a Day's Inn, but that one was in Tennessee.

Anyone else had any Motel or Hotel Nightmares?

i learned during a family vacation that any motel that smells and has cockroaches partying in the bathroom isn't really a place you want to stay. in the motel's defense though, it WAS florida and the cockroaches were everywhere.
I made the mistake of staying in a cheap hotel in Kisumu, Kenya. Cockroaches, rats, fights in the corridor, prostitutes in and out with clients all night, horsehair mattress & pillow, torn bedclothes - hell on earth! The next time I went there I stayed at a good hotel.
Guess my worst was also the cheapest... In fact it wasn't as much the hostel itself as it was the place in which the hostel was located. In the north-central part of Mexico in some tropic and damp environment with the temperatures pushing the unbearable... The room had a fan which was good for only one thing; spreading the heat around the place... Pink, crackled walls, 10 cm high windows which were placed in two metres height, a toilet that leaked piss into the shower etc... But as already stated, it was really cheap...! Smile
In Octobre, I went to London with my english class and we stayed three nights at a youth hostel called "Ashlee House". We were in a six beds room that had roughly a size of seven or eight squaremeters. There was one toilet and two showers in the only men's room in the whole building.
As I tried to close the window in the bedroom I realized that it was still open. But now the left side. The window was mising the second wing...

Take a look:
Best reason to join the Navy is to stay in a Navy Lodge.
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
Best reason to join the Navy is to stay in a Navy Lodge.

Haha; I've heard that from my uncle too; he was also in the US navy. but... I think he was joking - haha!
Mine was in San Diego many years ago. It was a Pink One with a pink Cadillac in front of it, and I got it for lack of knowing where to go from a photo at the airport. I remember cockroaches, and that cigarette smell environment that I really dislike, and then the terrible pub. I could not sleep, felt itchy all over from linen that I did not feel comfortable with, and was out of the Motel by 4:30 a.m., and at the airport for the first flight out to anywhere in the United States. I was on a special Delta Airpass where you could travel to as many destinations as you wished on a standby basis, and I remember I took the first flight out to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is really a clean place, airport transfer always easy and not that pricey, and there are very good deals out of season usually at very good hotels. Even the motels are good. Streets are clean, nice clean laundromats everywhere. I was very impressed with Salt Lake City amenities as well as shopping, and made it into my hub destination and central point of travel-through to my other destinations in the United States.
I would love to see a taxidermist in a motel reception.
I went to stay in a family-owned motel on vacation in Jersey. I went to go take a shower, I found about five centipede things crawling everywhere, and when I turned on the water it was arctic. It's not really a nightmare, but was unpleasant all the same.
went to a cheap motel in cusco. No toilet paper, no soap, no hotwater and the temperature was in the 40s. The beds were rock hard and the covers were heavy as stone. It wasn't that awful of an experience, but I was not expecting that.
That's why I don't stay in hotels (well I'll admit that's not why - I'm cheap). I'll sleep in airports, park benches, boats, or I'll even go out of the city to a rural area away from people to sleep. I love adventure. I don't ever worry about comfort and I rarely worry about safety (because in most countries, the biggest crime is simply robbery/mugging/crimes of opportunity). I've been in some harsh countries and still not stayed in hotels... I never have anything very valuable when I travel (I don't bring a laptop). One person mentioned a cheap hotel in Kenya... that sounds interesting... I actually wouldn't mind staying in a hotel like that because, like I said, I don't care too much about comfort and it would be an experience.
I fortunately have not had a bad hotel experience some were not great due to noisy rooms and no other rooms available to be move to. I have stayed at a couple of Day's Inn before without problems.

If I were you, I would call Day's Inn corporate office and file a complaint. They need to know about what is going on at their various locations. Be firm and calm. In this economy especially, they should do everything possible to keep you as a customer for future business. Please post their response here for us to see.
My worst experience was a couple years back we had a school field trip to Miami to visit places like MGM studios and Walt Disney if my memory serves me right. We got to this cheap hotel and there were roaches, rats, beds looked unclean and the elevator was a nightmare.. felt like we were in the tower of terror and it was gonna jus collapse with everyone in it. We only stayed for 30 mins.. soo long because we were calling around trying to find somewhere better. Wish I could remember the name though.
I never had a bad motel experience but I did have a sort of scary one. we were traveling north to the province and my parents decided to spend the night sleeping instead of driving cause they're too tired. For some strange reasons, we couldn't find a place to stay. so went to this cheap motel somewhere I can't even remember how we got there. It was creepy. It was so dark and quiet, it seemed as if we're the only ones in the whole motel, and I swear it looked like a haunted house, complete with creepy doors. we slept with the lights on that night and left as soon as we all woke up.
Cheap motels are always like that. Especially in the middle of the countryside.
It is scary in the night, especially if its overcast weather. Thunder, lightning and rain intensify the chills.
I once had a sort of 'haunted" experience with a cheap motel lift. It kept making these weird noises and would open on many occasions to an empty corridor. Either somebody had played a prank and called for the lift on several floors just to annoy me or ..... something else ....
It's not extremely spooky and could have a rational explanation but I certainly won't be going to that motel again. And in the event that I am compelled to, I won't go in the lift alone. Shocked
Yeah i remeber all of it except the name of the hotel, which i begged myself to forget.It was in Kansas City when my sister went to a softball tournament and won.We came back and had a little party in a small party room.Suddenly we were in formed by a 14 year old(i was only 11 at this time) that earlier he saw an Axe by the door outside, but now it was missing.We were all freaking out and people were telling us that a killer was circling our Hotel.Too bad we couldn't go down elevator, or we might get killed you know.So we all ran down the steps as fast as we could when we got to the bottom... so after an hour of panick we were told This, "Oh,haha, the axe is just for our manager to go out and have a smoke break.The axe stops the door from closing."(The axe was on the 6 floor)
Ive never really had a major problem with any hotel or motel. Once, my room smelled like cigarette smoke so I didn't even end up staying the night at that hotel. Another time, my the hotel I was supposed to stay in was actually undergoing renovations so they put us in a better room in a nearby hotel so that really can't be considered a bad experience.
lol @ tomS...sounds like almost every hostel in the world, and looks cleaner than most hahahaha.

As for my bad experience...well it wasn't really mine but I was there and got to learn all the repurcussions.

So I live in a very nice area...but there are also a lot of junkies and roughians around here. Since rent is so high a lot of people will just live in some cheaper hotels as it can be comparable. We do have very low grade roach-motels, but you'd be crazy anyways to stay at one of them. The problem lies in the fact the decent hotels aren't much more than the cheapo ones, maybe like $10/ you will find roughians in all grades of hotels cept the expensive nice ones. K, enough background & on to the nightmare. Some people come to visit me and they check into one of the decent cheap hotels, we go to room #1 and theres an odd smell. In addition the beds are wet?!?! wtf, so they go request another room and the guy is super apologetic. On to room#2 where everything looks ok and in order, great...actually not so great, my friends girlfriend takes off her shoes and after about 30min jabs herself on a frickin needle that was hiding in the carpet! Lots of anger after that and a room in another hotel was paid for by them, BUT 6mo later during routine testing she turns up with HepB. Now THAT defines hotel nightmare to me. I always think about it walking around without shoes in shage carpet now.

I've stayed in some dives travelling around the world, but nothing comes to my mind like that.
My experience was not really that worst. I was not comfortable with the bed are because it was hard and the pillows were hard as well and with funny smell. Probably the worst experience I had was having a grubby comfort room and water was not working properly. I will not go to that motel again, ever.
Mine was in San Diego. I took pot luck at the San Diego Airport, those electronic notice boards with Hotels. I had not done my usual research before, and just picked one, got myself dropped off there, and the moment I checked in, I realized I'd gone wrong. Usually I would have made a U-turn, and now definitely will if given a similar situation, but then was so exhausted, took the room, and then the fun started with real noise from a really loud pub, lots of fighting. I thought I would wait it out and leave first thing in the morning. At 5:00 a.m. I woke up to something wriggling around my feet, and that was a cockroach. I was out of there probably in 10 minutes. Remember I took a flight out of San Diego on the same morning. Used to be my favourite city to stop over up to that time, but not after that. Much too expensive to stay for an overnighter.
Wow, some horror stories here! My only problem other than a not to clean room was a crow's nest outside the room. Crows can be very noisy. Did not get much sleep.
Now I should think more about where I should stay for the night every time I go out.
Wow that sucked man, i hove you get more lucky next time,

To be honest i never understood the difference americans make between hotels and motels,
out here in Brazil (AFAIK) , people think of hotels as a place to stay in a vacation or to sleep a night and motels as a place to go "when you have company" if you follow...
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