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[RESOLVED] So many Problems

yea i ve a problem i need a subdomain. i ve requested so many times...but i think its useless....i cant post gud quality posts.....i dont know whts the real problem with u guyz.....u pplz keep rejecting my requests....does it make ne sense.....?.........n i have said its urgent....u pplz cant understand anyones problem ? u ppl just want to keep your forums run.....i had tried my level best......but dint get any positive response. i just hate this word ( 5 good quality posts) this doesnt make ne sense.........i think we shud be apart of this Community.....but not by force..i hope u'll resolve this issue as soon as possible...just try to make it easy for ur clients....
I'll tell you what. I've been on this site since July 15th. I don't remember when they made me a Moderator, but I don't think that's important. The point I'm going to make is that ever since I have been a member of these forums, I have never come across someone posting so much about not getting their request accepted. I made a sticky in the General Chat Forum on how to make good quality posts. Read it. If you're following all those instructions, then your posts should be of good quality.

Apart from that, you're not the only one in a hurry. We also have certain commitments. We try the best we can to make sure requests are accepted or rejected as soon as possible, but sometimes that cannot be done, because Account Creators are not always online. So, you have to be patient.

If you are sure your posts are of a good quality, then perhaps there is some other problem with your requests. The account creators will generally tell you why your request was rejected in the rejected requests' forum. If you still don't know why your posts were rejected, then PM the account creator who rejected your request, along with a referring link to the rejected request post, and we'll be happy to help.

Also, I noticed you posting that you are going to give up on the site and go away... if that was some sort of blackmail, it won't work. We'd rather have a few active posters whose posts are good quality than a thousand more posters who are either inactive or whose posts are horrible... this is not to say your posts were bad/horrible... this is just a statement.

Finally, after that big lecture, the only thing I can say is this:
Be patient. Requests sometimes take some time to be processed. If you want to know what Good Quality posts are, look at the sticky I made in the General Forum. And please, STOP POSTING ABOUT HOW YOUR REQUESTS ARE BEING REJECTED IN EVERY FORUM POSSIBLE!

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