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Basic frame website

Hi guys/gals,

What do you think of this website?
If you like coffee you will like this one.
On a technical side I used a normal 12px/1.5em 'Lucida Grande' font with a 110% size.

I risked a heavy graphic on the Index.

What do you think of?
Looks pretty clean, maybe a little empty?
One thing that bugged me was the list you were Currently Roasting was hard to read and confusing. You should display that in bullet points.

Nice website though, right to the point.
yeah man, that's pretty decent. it's a clean layout. it does seem to be missing the actual address of the business, though. i don't know if they requested it not go on there, but i'd think they might want that up. anyway, it looks nice.
I visited your website and have a couple of comments about it.

First, why the decision to go with frames? From looking at the code, it appears that you found a free template somewhere and went with that. I would instead do your own. Using the frames really bloats your code and I personally don't like the look that the frames gives you. The image is fine, I don't think it is too big. Look around the web a bit and you will see lots of places that use large images. I really think that you should just work on cleaning up the code and moving to a CSS based website.

Second, I don't find a lot of content here. It's just the same information repeated on every page except the contact page. In the about us section, for instance, I don't need to know what kind of beans you're roasting, I want to know something about your company, why I should choose you and what sets your beans apart from other coffee bean companies. In the "our beans, our coffee" section, I really like seeing what beans you have, but would like to see something more about the beans, about the characteristics, really see what you have to offer and see that you know coffee. It would help me know what to choose, too. Photos of the coffee would be great to.

In the end, take a look around at your competition. I'd recommend checking out websites of other small coffee roasters and a few of the big players to figure out how you want to position yourself in the market. Then develop a good content plan that pitches your product effectively in the market.

Good luck and have fun with it!
Dear commenters:-
I loved your comments. Basically I am waiting for content from the customer (He's supplying pictures of roasting beans and we will embellish the content I get). I also do websites that the users update the content themselves (These are a little bloated with my code libraries at the moment but they are slimming down)

Hmmm-I thought the frames were quite neat because the pages are replaced dynamicly. Anyways see what you think of the final version and another one i'm doing for a DJ as it progresses (This one has the facility to replace all the content:-Pictures and text so it's more exciting) Razz
Perhaps you could consider doing php includes instead of frames then? That way, its still dynamic, but you don't have the frames.

Here is the big problem with frames: When a search engine goes to your site, it sees all the different web pages in the separate frames as separate sites. This means that when someone is searching for, say, "coffee," it may bring up your website, but only the html page with the links, or only the page with the information, not the whole website altogether. Also, it can make it difficult for others to link to your site and for you to link to external sites.

In any case, I hope the project goes well for you.

<!-- Use the noframes section to help search engines index your site -->
<a href="menu.htm">Site Menu</a>
<!--The above code is on the main frame-->
Hmmm, the above is so that search engines index the site from the frame level. This means the highest ranked "page" will be the main frame, if it is correctly formatted with links within the <noframes> tag. I find your information useful though...
The layout is clean and simple, however there is a lot of empty space. Also, I agree that the list of what you are roasting needs to be a list with bullet points. The logo/banner for the actual web pages with most of the content needs to be seriously updated. It needs to fit the page better and be placed at the top. It's too simple, as well. A more elaborate logo at the top of the page should help lessen the lack of color, and/or make it seem like there's a less wasted space.
I'm actually using the material supplied by my clients artist for the logo, so I cannot really complain about that.
This is a fledgling business and although the client did well getting setup with his own domain and hosting company he has not yet supplied me with further material, so I have been stretching the little material I have to fit on this, the most basic type of website.

Can you elaborate on....
The logo/banner for the actual web pages with most of the content needs to be seriously updated

Cheers Wink
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