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Nokia phones

Da Rossa
Too glad I got rid of my Motorola V3, which had a lot of issues. Then I got, for free (my provider offered me) a Nokia 6120 classic. Simple, beautiful and functional.

The problem is that my operator, TIM, has bundled the phone with many proprietary software, including demo-version games, which is so annoying. The apps because they force us to consume bandwidth if we want to use it, such as web browsing and youtube (the operator intentionally put that in there in order to induce the consumers to browse on a popular and bandwidth-consuming site, since it's charged by kb's transfered and not by month). On the games part, I think it's absolutely ridiculous to pollute my phone with a demo version, which makes us want to buy the app. The problem isn't even about the memory used, but the screen cluttering. I'd like to modify my phone, by taking off the unwanted applications and customising the images and menus (yes, the operator eventually forces us to make ads of herself by showing the phone menus; the operator logos take a big space on screen).

I used to know a little about Motorola V3 modding, but it's not as easy to find Nokia-specialized tutorials around. Does anyone have and experience on it, or can somebody point me to a good non-Googlable tutorial? (when Googling, I only find unspecific walkthroughs.)

Thanks in advance!

p.s. changing provider is not an option. Others are even worse.
Well ... I have 6120 Too Smile

About modding ... it's Symbian. You can do many things Smile Go to and search good apps Smile
You can unlock it to install apps with no certificates, or mod it to play ngage2 platform games and lot lot more Smile
(Try x-plore as file mannager, lcg jukebox for mp3, core player for video, and of course handy taskman or something simmilar) Smile
Da Rossa
Hmm, thanks for the tip! Already registered there, and as I can see, that's a very complex and cluttered forum! I searched a bit, but the things are too specific or too generic. Razz
Hope not to get banned in there!

Anyone else has any other tip? Smile
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