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Art made from wood.

I consider my work art . so I think its right place to show it.

Definitely art! >.< And it must take a lot more trouble than most art forms.

Really, when it comes to art, whatever you say is art, is art. Pick up a piece of trash, say with conviction "this is art", put it back where you found it, and its art... That's what you get from some of the foremost artists stretching the definition of just what art is.
I agree, I also consider this art. To me, art is just an expression of one's creativity. What you have done definitely seems to have required a lot of creativity. Nice work, it is amazing the way you used different grains and types of wood in the table as well as the other wall hanging pieces, and I like the offbeat lighter holders as well.
I looked at your website...
Have you ever considered selling these things online?
(But it does need better navigation; you shouldn't have to use the back button all the time.)
Lovely works of art. of those posted that table has got to be my favorite. Must have taken a good deal of time to craft that. Beautiful.
Gagnar The Unruly
Those are really impressive. Definitely art.
Yes I considering attempt to sell these things online but its work in progress.

My latest work:
Lighter holder

End grain cutting board

More carvings

Please somebody advise , what wud be a rite price to ask for such things ?
isetegija wrote:

Please somebody advise , what wud be a rite price to ask for such things ?

Try either looking for similar things on Ebay, or auctioning a couple of things on Ebay, and see what the prices get to there. You could probably charge slightly more at your 'store', though you might want to have sales and promotions sometimes, such as free shipping, or $10 off your next order, or 20% off.

Another way to figure the price is:
Cost of materials +
Time you spent making it * how much you want to make per hour +
Price of shipping and handling (including packaging)

As long as you're not too greedy about how much you want to make per hour, that method should give you a fair price to charge.

Once you've decided on a price, if they don't sell enough, make it cheaper (or advertise more), and if they sell more than you can make, raise the price (or hire help).
Those are really nice pieces of artwork. Nice forms.

As for selling these, you could look up prices of similar products on the Net and decide on your range.
Also consider tying up with art/interior/gift/furniture/lifestyle stores after making a presentation.

Keep going and go for more variations and usability.
love the art style, must have taken days...if not weeks. Keep up the work =]
I think your work is beautiful. It shows excellent craftmanship and attention to detail. I could'nt imagine how many hours you put into making that table for instance. I know of an Inuit artist who carves pieces out of stone-very time consuming as well. What he did to sell his work was hook up with a small (and very pricey) art gallery. They charged him 45% commission off every piece he sold. It sounds like a lot but the prices were set quite high so he ended up making a decent profit and was quite happy with the arrangement. Another thing they did for him was to hold special shows featuring his work which also really helped to raise his profile. It might be a route worth considering.
Seriously, I really like that art of yours. Any work on that selling? I still need a birthday present for someone very special ^^ Seriously =)

where do you live? What would the shipping be? And how many hours do you spend on it?
Selling not going well , don't have time for this now.
I live in Estonia.
I don't know where You live , to US its 10$.
If You mean my carvings , on my website in the blog I show how easy it is actually to make them.
I don't know how many hours I spend , I make many things together and in turn in my spare time.
I agree - definitely art. Very attractive. i think wood is the most beautiful material from which to make artwork, and I love having wooden objects around the house for decoration. Beautiful wooden pens, letter openers and desk items make me feel much calmer when working!
My newest project :
One of so called “The-not-your-normal-cutting board”.

I know its not flawless , I wanted to try this and I was impatient.

More pictures from making process are in my blog
You might say it's flawed, but I can't see any flaws - I think it's very beautiful. I'd be afraid of dirtying it by cutting my broccoli and onions on it!

What woods have you used?

Keep up the good work.
Well those probrally had to be painful to make. Long hours and hard work put into those art works.
how much for the table?
My first and second coffee tables are sold .
My third and fourth are in my home and I use them and they unfortunately are not in selling condition any more ( they experienced some wild party's and one moving ) .
I actually don't want to sell them because I don't see myself making more of those .
It looks amazing, you have a great style, I love the table, could completely imagine your style on a closet.
These are amazing, i love them! I WANT
Wow! Great job!!!
the great one is the table. The origami up is awesome. Hard work!
Woah! nice! I wish you could make me some study tables and stuff. really make my room look cool!
very nice wood! i like them!
hiiiiiiiii everyone

nice sharing
is it done by you????????

oh great ...............
nice work..............
it requires lot of effort ant time ..........i know

you can make even better and can take inspiration from others.................
you can check this kind of work at net.
if you wanna please check pakistani work related to your work........

have a good luckkkk----------

Da Rossa
Fantastic work Iset!!!!
Rally really nice! Very Happy
You know how you might really make some money off of this? Get together with an established non-fiction writer, and make a carpentry-project book.

An established author will have a few very valuable things you need to pull it off:
-writing skill
-an agent
-a knowledge of how to make an example chapter or two that will please the publishing house's editor.

If you promise, on the cover, to teach a beginner-level hobby carpenter how to make this:

Then, people will buy it. More importantly, publishers would likely to be willing to publish it, giving both you and the author a share of the proceeds. (Make sure you make it clear that you'll be sharing proceeds from the beginning!)
What kind of tools do you employ to make these? They look gorgeous.
those are amazing lol, i would buy one of those lighter holders lol or maybe an ashtray if u made one
You should improve your site. Maybe one main page with links to labeled pages, wich would always return to the main page. Chain of pages (one page leading to another, which leads to another and so on) usually gives a bad browsing experience. Your work is really nice. You should sell your art to sponsor yourself.
i still have a question,are they doing by hand or by machine? i like them very much and i wanna know the way of making.
To Kashinilaya:
I'm too lazy to improve my site. Since I do not sell my work, then this page is not an important.
All my time goes to developing a new page Essence of Woodwork. All comments are welcome for this page.

To Cliffer:
Parquetry mosaic on the table top are entirely handmade.
To this end, I used only these two tools, which I have made myself :

Amazing pieces of work. Definately a work of art.
That table is very nice, since the top is entirely hand-made that must have taken you many hours to complete. Interesting set of tools as well.
wow super super Fantastic work arts.
My latest creation : “Male Stool”

More pictures from making process and a little story are here:
If You like my work, please share link to it with Your friends.
wow...what a brilliant talent you have in there.....i love your pieces....amazing hand Smile....keep it up man Smile
Wood carvings are really cool. I have always wanted to try it but I don't really know where to start or what sorts of wood I should even be looking for! Are you self-taught or did you get trained by someone in making these?
isetegija wrote:

To this end, I used only these two tools, which I have made myself :

If you got together with a good custom knife-maker, you could make some really nice knife handles! ... Which would make for very nice, very valuable knives.
omg lol to cool arts
My favorite is the cutting board. I like the ones that have a ‘grove’ underside that acts as a handle or place to put your fingers when you grab it. I like your style of woodworking, thanks for sharing, very nice, but may get a strange look from me when you offer me a place to sit down, lol.
It is amazing job, i live your works, how could i get a set from u
Great work....well done.
When I see great wooden objects like these I'm always reminded of the Vespa scooter made from wood....has a fully working motor and is rideable!
wellerchap wrote:
Great work....well done.
When I see great wooden objects like these I'm always reminded of the Vespa scooter made from wood....has a fully working motor and is rideable!

NO WAY!!!!!! Shocked AND ridable? AND it looks GREAT!

Now that has to be a scooter lover who designed and built it or what?

By the way, wonder how comfortable that saddle is? Haha ....
Twisted Evil
Better photos here.....brilliant work, indeed!

These guys tried aswell.....don't ask, I've no idea !! Very Happy
If you want to see something truly amazing made from wood, then check out this man works:

Looks like he flooded the engine Very Happy

OK, OK.....I'll get my coat Embarassed

isetegija wrote:

I like it.

"Why'd you build your Ferrari out of wood?"
"Watch this!" *splash* "Because wood floats! Try that with your metal one!"
That is incredible! I love the 1st table you posted. If I had the money and saw it, I would definitely buy it! Love your style! I am sure you could somehow sell your work. Either the net or offline.... Keep up the good work and creativity!
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