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You're not Superman you know?

Your not Superman you Know? But if you could be like him What you you be? Give examples for all.

1)What Superpowers would you own?(Max. is 3)- Xray Vision, Hot girls naked bruh!!! Shocked , Stop Time- Fart in my teachers face and steal Candy from Candy Craze , and Finally... Flight!- Fly by Planes and be Noticed.

2)Criminal, or Hero?- I would be a Hero. Much less hate and Much more Fame!

3)Your outfit matters alot too!- Black Nettleton Hoody with golden N, Black shorts, and black UnderArmour Hat.

4)Don't forget your name!- name is Trey after all.
This is a good one:

1. I would like to be able to be completely invisible. So that I can go to places where no one can see me.
2. I want a million times greater vision than I have now, but in an expanding, as needed way. I.e. for normal vision, my eyes are like everyone's, but the further I train them, i.e. when we get to the moon, stars and planets, the further they can see.
3. I want to be able to fly, but better than Superman. Like the swallows. As acrobatic as them too. I would like to get right into the mountains with my flying, and perhaps higher.
4. I want to be able to do scubadiving without any equipment, i.e. no need for oxygen tanks, scuba gear, weights etc. Just naturally swim with all the fish. If necessary, I want to be able to be invisible too when I am diving under water.
5. I want to be able to do remote cooking. I.e. just think up want I want for dinner and somehow the groceries get bought, the veggies and ingredients cut up and cooked, beautifully set on a tray, the TV flicked on.

Think this could grow into a book. I like this topic Smile
1. I want the ability of persuasion and the ability to talk in any language (so I can also talk to animals,...)

2. Criminal - With my ability of persuasion I should rather be simple to steal things and be rich. Razz

3. In black with a golden border. Surprised

4. The one the newspapers will give me Razz

Happy Holidays!

1.I wish I have a good memory so that I have large knowlage .
2.If I am a superman it is better not die forever .
3.I think I am no smart enough , so I hope my brain is as faster as computer .
I would only need one power. Telekinesis.

With telekinesis you can mock pretty much any superpower that you can think of. Here are my examples:

Flight. You just use your telekinesis to lift yourself up into the air, and it would be pretty much like flying.

Force field. You just use your telekinesis to form an impenetrable shield of energy around yourself.

Super strength. You never have to lift a finger. You just lift yourself up with your mind.

Teleportation. You could easily simulate teleportation with telekinesis by either (1) Opening up a worm hole, or (2) Make a force field bubble around yourself that can move so fast that it is like you are going somewhere instantly.

Pretty much any power can be replicated with teleportation.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
Superpowers: Super eyesight and quick reflexes. Amazing skill with a bow and arrow! I could be one of Green Arrow's sidekicks! Very Happy

Criminal or hero: Yes.

Outfit: Black hoodie, red plaid skirt, black tights, combat boots. And a red domino mask!

Name: .... I can't think of one....
1. Stop time = instant win ANYTHING the moment you're aware of it. Time travel also works, but how much general enjoyment you could get out of either would depend on the exact nature of the power (eg. could you extend your power to use a computer while time was stopped for everything else?, how are paradox's dealt with in your universe?). Failing that, good old omnipotence!
2. Antihero. I'd save the day, but I'd still be a jerk with my powers.
3. Black. All black, with four wristwatches and none of that skintight crap, it would be casual.]
4. Criminals fear ... THE STOPWATCH!
1) What Superpowers would you own? (Max. is 3) - I would be able to turn invisible at will. And fly, without wings. I would also like to be able to read minds from quite far distances.

2) Criminal, or Hero? - I guess I'd be a hero, though I'd much rather like to be just a common civilian. (Which I suppose isn't an option since this is a superhero thread after all.)

3) Your outfit matters alot too! - I haven't thought about that one. Probably just the normal jeans and a t-shirt.

4) Don't forget your name! - Rosabelle... Hehe. I wouldn't have some snazzy and catchy name that describes my powers. Nope. =]
I would go for indestructibility and just rent myself out as a realistic dummy for firefighters.

In fires that I started WITH MY FIRE-EYES!!!!!

That would be sweet.
deanhills wrote:
I want to be able to do remote cooking. I.e. just think up want I want for dinner and somehow the groceries get bought, the veggies and ingredients cut up and cooked, beautifully set on a tray, the TV flicked on.

That is known as a very good spouse or roommate. LOL

For me, powers would have to be indestructable and flight. Got to be indestructable in case you crash from flight. Use these powers for good.
1. Be invinsible when I want and for how long I want...

2. Have the ability to read others peoples mind

3. Have sex as much as possible Smile))))
1)What Superpowers would you own?(Max. is 3)-

i) The ability to Phase at will and in sudden danger (Phase is when you let things pass through you, like walls and if you let light pass through you you become invisible and into other beings, like animals that are roughly the same size).

ii) Super body&mind (basically super speed, super strength, and super senses, Telekinesis ect).

iii) The ability to be immortal/indestructable as long as i drink blood.

2)Criminal, or Hero?- Hero, i can be dangerous but choose to be the Hero

3)Your outfit matters a lot too!- Black Porkpie Hat, Black RayBan Wayfarers, Grey Running Sneakers, Blue Jeans, White button up Shirt

4)Don't forget your name!- Jarrod (just stick with what i am methinks)
What powers would I own? Hmmm...

1.) Teleportation - Since I'm too lazy for super-speed. Very Happy
2.) Mind reading - Since I'm all so insecure. Razz
3.) Telekinesis - cuz its awesome Cool
i only need one ability ,i can predict what will happen in the future .than i will be the most rich smart man in the world!
This thread is hilarious!

1. I would like to know the perfect answer to every question that has ever been asked as well as has yet to be asked.

I would like to be able to have whatever means necessary to physically achieve or understand or make feasible all of the perfect answers to the above questions.

I would like to be able to make my imagination reality at will.

2. If my chosen superpowers are granted, I would not be able to be defined as either a criminal or a hero, because I would inherently be illogical and therefore beyond the logical definitions of a criminal or hero. In anycase, I could make criminality heroism, and vice versa.

3. I would have no visible form, as my nature would likely overwhelm the inhabitants of the earth.

4. Name: Answerer. Or "Alethiometer on Steroids"
1.) I would have telekinesis, teleportation of myself and others, and phasing.
2.) I would totally be a low morals hero. Take the villain out, make profit simultaneously.
3.) Outfit would probably be casual, but flexible.
4.) I would let the newspapers name me.
1 Flying like a jet plane.
2 Restoring the time to the proper, for example when it comes to the lottery.... Very Happy
3 What is needed when the above 2 are possible? Laughing
To be honest, I would prefer to just be regular human my life and then die. Having super power just doesn't make any sense to me.
Well, if I would, I might as well ask for everything:

1. My powers - I want to be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent
2. Naturally, since I would be the ruler of the universe (as no one would challenge me - I would be like a tyrant - so I'm thinking villian)
3. My outfit - well, I'd BE the universe so I'll wear everything in it! Wink
4. My Name - How about THE UNIVERSE or THE MASTER OF SALVATION (It'd be cool for people to worship me and call me MASTER!!!) ? or something on those lines ...
1. Stop Time.
2. Criminal. It's fun that way. Haha.
3. Lab coat? Typical villain?
4. Bad Guy #47
1)My superpowers would be: Invisibility, Super Speed and the ability of identifying ADN samples and matching them with criminals'

2)Criminal, or Hero?- Definitely I'd be a hero. I don't want people to hate me...

3)My outfit should be cool, maybe in blue and orange (my favorite colors)
I would want
1 a. telekenesis because I would be able to read my girlfriend's mind Wink
B. invisibilty because then I can go in the bathroom with her lol
C. Meat vision then I can eat whenever I want. Fairly odd parents rocks
2. I would be a super hero because I can feed people from haiti with my meat vision
3. Chasity belt, that's it
4. Chasity
Superpowers - Complete Invisibility without taking off my clothes Very Happy, Complete Hypnotism and Illusion so that my enemies and other people get confused, then making the illusions into reality., and last but not the least, Gravity Control. Hell yeah I'm God!

Criminal or hero- Both!

Outfit- red sando, black pants, and a straw hat (strawhat luffy's copycat?)

Name- PowerTRIP!! Very Happy
super powers would be completely useless if they actually existed.... how exactly would they have evolved anyway?
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