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How to i get more Serious with a Girl?

Well im 13 and i've had a girlfried for about 3 months.We just kind of flirt with our eyes and talk, and u know just normal gonna be 14 soon and i wana get more Serious/Personal with her.Shes beautiful.I Don't know how to approach this problem though.Please can Anybody help me? Sad
you are too young to become serious and personal with any one, even if you do, its only until you or she meet some one more beautiful or more handsome then you... but if your best friends then that relationship of best friends will last much longer then any......
your just 14 and yet to meet a lot of people from different walks of life and have yet to achive your life's goals. so before becoming serious think very carefully ....

HAPPY NEW YEAR.... and i hope that you'll get better advice from other people here.
13 years old is not only too young to have a girlfriend/boyfriend in my opinion it is certainly to young to know what you want from a possible wife. 3 months is also way to short of a time span to really get to know someone and decide if you really do want to be with that person. It's not all about whether she is beautiful or not either. You can find the most beautiful person on the planet and they can still be the most miserable person to be with. To me talking and doing things together and having things in common is the most important part of having a relationship. Kissing and making out gets old really quick. I didn't have my first girlfriend until I was 19 years old, and I still didn't really know what I wanted, and got myself in a relationship that was tough to get out of to say the least.

Do yourself a favor enjoy your youth while you still have it, you have the rest of your life to worry about and chase women around. Heck I am only 23 and am still in enjoying my youth and am single at the moment and loving it.
Perhaps you will loose her if you approach her too soon. A little early for that?
People.. your mis-understanding my about to be 14...and im not talking bout Sex serious or anything Confused , just more than Eye flirting.. and no im not to young for more than that..gosh.Why did i bring this to Frihost?.... Rolling Eyes
so that you could get some advice........ and i bet that just now you are getting the feeling as if you are talking about your girlfriend to your parents...... but i think all that said is in your goodwill..... so take it. and dont fuss....
Kyohtee wrote:
People.. your mis-understanding my about to be 14...and im not talking bout Sex serious or anything Confused , just more than Eye flirting.. and no im not to young for more than that..gosh.Why did i bring this to Frihost?.... Rolling Eyes

OK, on that level then. Perhaps you can ask her out on a date. Take her to the movies. Buy her popcorn or chocolates, whatever she prefers. And then during the movie very gently take her hand and hold her hand.
JUst enjoy yourself.
well, you guys haven't kiss each other yet?
oh my gosh, i am 15, have a girlfriend, you know, you just let happend, you can't do anything, just get close, and give hugs, a hand, sweet things like that, you know, you can't give it up, if you love each other, everything 's ogne be right!
I have to say that in my eyes I feel that 13 is way to young to move into any type of serious relationship. At the age of 13 I know that I wasn't into any type of dating or such. I enjoyed the opposite sex as friends just as much as the same sex but nothing to do with relationships at that age. I felt that once the time was ready to become closer to someone that I really feel towards it will happen on its own.

The first time I dated someone was at the age of 17. We mainly saw each other during school and some times out of school. We would go places like the movies and down town together but it wasn't too serious, mainly a "high school" relationship. We stayed together for about a year and a half and it never went that far. Once I was out of school I went to college and after a year in college I met another girl who was had graduated a year before I did, going for the same thing. We started to date and it was a perfect match right away. After about 6 months we knew it was more then just a fling and we talked about taking it further. At our one year anniversary I proposed to her and she said yes. We have been together for two and a half years now and neither of us have looked back and wished we could do something different.

What I feel made our relationship work so well is the fact that we have always taken our time with every step along the way so far. We talk about everything and we are both on the same page. I feel that a lot of this of course comes with age and knowledge. Once you know that you are ready for a step forward in a relationship you wont have to second guess your self. You will know. That is my best advice that I can give anyone that wants to know about a relationship.

I hope that this helps you with your position.
I think 13 is too early for any serious relationship with a girl. I do not know the kind of feelings you have for her but i can say that its not what you think. Emotionally are you ready?, Physically are you ready?, Phsycologically are you?

There are a lot of things attached to being serious with someone in a relationship and many do not want to acknowledge that. I know you feel hot headed when you see her and you cant think straight, that might just be infactuation.

I trust that you are friends because that is the best thing that can help you know how you really feel. If you can be friends and cherish and respect each other, trust me you will grow and mature in knowing how to treat her.
hahaha ohh my godddd lol budy u r so young to think future Very Happy
please give us an favor and live free when u will 30 Smile
I am beginning to believe that young people shouldn't have access to the internet Confused . However, I've had it since I was 8 and now I'm 19. Maybe it's the upbringing? Maybe it's the education? If you don't know what to do with a girlfriend then why have a girlfriend? Why ask questions on an online forum if you're expecting some answers and you're upset when people give you other answers?

Do you hold hands? God, when I had my first girlfriend I didn't need instructions. And yeah, I was anti-social to some extent but I was somehow able to figure it all out. Maybe too much Halo or what do people play these days? God, but I too played video games, loads of 'em.

OP, don't mean to insult you, but maybe you should learn, mature and grow before you dabble in 'the unknown'.

Also, I have a bad opinion about you for some philosophical/scientific threads you made or replied to, it just boggles my mind how a 13 year old with no physics/maths knowledge can try to undermine the big bang theory or discuss the existence of god (both require LOADS of reading, thinking, gathering proofs etc.).
13 man!! Stay in school
just to be friends for while to your each other is better.
when I was 13 I was in a 'adult' one at that.
so yes, it is possible for some to handle that, while others can't.

my advice to you is to take it slow and don't think for a moment that anything is guaranteed or sure. at this age you will feel a lot and say a lot etc etc....but as you mature in age and thinking, you may not feel or want the same things you do now.

just take it slow.
just be friends... don't rush it!! i think 14 is still young for a serious relationship!! ENJOY it while it lasts!!
I agree with apple that we should not assume everything to be guaranteed for sure. People's mindset and life goals changes over time and so is their perspective on relationships. Personally, I feel that it could sometimes be a wrong idea to associate maturity in handling relationships with age. There are many people who could handle relationships fairly ok even at a young age and likewise there are people in the early 20s who could not handle relationships well.

It is good that you understand that physical intimacy is not what you want out of this relationship (and true that you are too young for that at the moment). A serious relationship should focus more on emotional intimacy until marriage. (Emotional intimacy such as being able to share thoughts with each other, solves each other's problems, etc.) For a start, you could try to find a chance to talk to her about how you feel and find out about what she thinks.
First, secure a job and a car. This will convince her that you are a very serious young man, and then she may be more interested in becoming serious with you. Peace.
RubySlasher wrote:
First, secure a job and a car. This will convince her that you are a very serious young man, and then she may be more interested in becoming serious with you. Peace.

I think that applies to females in the older age, for example, in the 20s. From his post it seems like the girl is also quite young. Girls her age usually do not go for job or car yet. At least that is what I think.
Well i'm 15 almost 16 and personally it's puppy love right now... what happens when you go away to college? ect. I'd say don't worry about getting too personal with her yet. If you do want to get more personal hold her hand when walking down the hall or something.
It had been some time since kyohtee posted something here. I wonder if the problem has been solved or it would be good to have some updates from him.
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