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Eyes of the Machine

So... I was looking for possible help debugging a two-month game I recently put together... If you're interested, please download and post up any glitches you find. I'm looking for any kind of feedback to try and improve this thing. Thanks!

Terra Nova
A 2-month collaborative project by WombatRPGs

Full game, with 8 levels
Some Original Soundtrack
Character art
Developed story


Qoppa is a loose federation of lab overseers and administrators. Not too long ago, a researcher made a "discovery" on a lab in Planet Corinth. This creation was promptly destroyed. To prevent the secret from being rediscovered, Qoppa slowly cut off communication between labs on different planets, using the Master Server on the space station Eris to shut down communication lines. Only one free research base remains.

This is on the planet Corinth. The resistance group Terra Nova is the only group making independent inquiry in the known worlds. Qoppa seeks to destroy it. The goal of Terra Nova is to free the research facilities on other planets and ultimately destroy the Master Server on Eris.

Tau wakes up in the Terra Nova lab with no recollection of who he is or what he is doing there. It seems that he is a soldier developed by Terra Nova to assist in guerilla operations against Qoppa. He gradually learns the truth behind the men who created him, and the fate of his predecessor cyborgs, Omicron and Rho.



Tau is the result of Project Tau, a cyborg-soldier creation program of Terra Nova. Instead of an organic brain, Tau possesses a portion of the Master Server, stolen from Qoppa. According to his creators, he is the perfect solider: engineered for power and speed, with a sharp and calculating intelligence from the Master Server. Tau initially does not see the reason behind the struggles of Terra Nova, though he changes as he receives information from the Master Server in his brain about Voltaic, a co-founder of Terra Nova. Tau is obsessed with the other cyborgs before him, Omicron and Rho.


Chief is a co-founder of Terra Nova, initially a member of the Qoppa Directors Board. He split with Qoppa after supporting the plight of the researcher who uncovered the forbidden discovery. He is devoted to the Terra Nova cause. Though slightly distant from Tau, he is forced to rely on him to fight the battles of Terra Nova.


Voltaic founded Terra Nova with Chief. Initially, Voltaic direct a lab on Nyx, but the resistance movement there fell years ago to Qoppa. His wife Kayana was killed on Nyx. Voltaic died before the time of Tau. His fate remain a mystery to Tau, though their fates seem inextricably linked...


Bruno is a Terra Nova scientist on Corinth, the primary developer of Tau. He is slightly conceited, but very proud of Tau. He considers Tau a machine only, but also his magnum opus. He takes a genial attitude towards his welfare and shows off to the other scientists.


Another Corinth-based Terra Nova researcher, Eliza is a psychologist on Project Tau. She shes Tau as a human, not a machine. She is the most compassionate towards Tau and the most attentive to his wellbeing, not just as a soldier. She has an antagonistic relationship with Bruno, who is technically her superior.

Omicron and Rho

Omicron was a beta version of Tau. He used to have Tau's job, but is apparently dead. No one on Corinth speaks of him, though Tau is fascinated by his fate and seeks to discover what killed his predecessor. The cyborg Rho, and earlier beta, seems to have served the same purpose, but also is mysteriously absent.


The wife of Voltaic. She was a member of the Planet Nyx Resistance before it was destroyed by Qoppa. She died in the aftermath.

The ABS of Eyes of the Machine is similar to the 2D Zeldas, or else a different perspective of Mega Man Zero. Tau enters the battlefield and must reach the boss at the end of the planet. The decision whether to defeat the Qoppa soldiers or flee is up to the player.

Tau possesses several weapons given to him by Bruno.
Laser Partisan - Press SPACE - Executes one of several standard attacks. While standing still, the Sweep Attack is executed. While running, Tau performs a Jab attack. Attacking in midair causes the Slam-Jump Attack. Holding down the spacebar and releasing performs the Spin Attack.
Jump - Press B - Tau jumps 2-3 squares depending on whether he is running
Biomech Cannon - Press V - Fires the blaster in one of four directions
Projectile Shield - Hold CTRL - Absorbs projectiles fired by gunners.
NOTE: Controls may be customized in-game.

WombatRPGs Crew:
psy_wombats - Coding, concept, mapping, animations
quack_tape - Concept, sprites, dialogue
JMickle - Soundtrack! (Many thanks)
Aulos - Character artwork, sprites
bob_esc - Chipsets, animations
RAGNAROK - Sprites, misc. graphics

shamanic_goth - Planet images
REFMAP - Chipsets
Ristar - Ripped chips (can you spot them...?)
BananenJoe - DestinyPatch
Derula - Disharmony DLL


If font is not working correctly:
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