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Let's talk about: Music Videos

Let this be an "anything goes" thread all about music videos.

If it's your favorite, then tell us all about it. If you don't like it, write here just the same. You may also want to give ratings, but this is not required. It doesn't have to be about new stuff, as long as it's about music videos.

I'll start off with Katy Perry "Hot N Cold." I've already liked the song beforehand, and now that I've seen the "hot and cool" video that goes along with it, I'd say it is definitely entertaining. The choreography, the storyline, the scenes are pretty much two thumbs up for me! Smile
i remember that linkin parks one step closer vid was so cool. i also like norther and agathodaimon vids. sentenceds killin me killin u is my favourite music vid yet.
i really think this music video is amazing:

oh, and this one:

you know, i think the music video is a format that has been left to the jackals, so to speak. not many people or bands really see it or appreciate it as the artistic forum that it is. you either have bling hip hop videos or rock bands doing nothing but playing in their garage. it's really a damn shame.
I enjoy abstract music videos or one's that aren't narrative at all and just are random bits of stuff. Sometimes the ones with a story screw up and it ruins the music you're trying to listen to and enjoy. I don't mind the narrative videos that are well done, but the director better be good, or else I only see the music video every time I hear the music.
Paramore - "Decode" from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Twilight
With the song and with the video, you can really feel the artist's emotion and attachment to what she is singing. The video is well done, and also well integrated with the scenes from Twilight.
I think music videos have a lot of unused potential. They're often ruined by clichés and the band trying to be "cool". Of course, there are exceptions, but they're rather few. Some really good music videos include ASP's Me and Thursday's In Silence.
I personally enjoy music videos which give a related story to what is going on in the song, or at least keeps in the same mood or a mood which serves a good contrast. I watch Interstella5555 often for this reason (an animated movie based off a Daft Punk album).
I like clever video concepts... Storylines, as mentioned, can work... but only if done well. Most fail at this.

One of my favorite videos is for Fell in Love With a Girl by the White Stripes. Animated Lego is just awesome Wink
I find the music video for Marié Digby "Say It Again" very beautiful. Smile
As beautiful and wonderful as the artist, and as simple as the song. It gets the message through, while keeping Marié on camera all throughout the video. Great! Wink
I Miss MTV when it was MTV

Used to watch all types of videos from bands never heard of or would never listen to.

Now theres MTV blah!blah!

The Video can make the song even better and give a new angle

i.e Green Day - When September Ends
Well... I'm not much of a rap fan, but I have to give it up to Eminem. He has, without a doubt, the best music videos ever. I have no problem giving credit where due, and he simply has outstanding videos. Some of his best are: My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady, Without Me, My Band (D12), etc. Those aren't his best songs (his best songs are Marshall Mathers, I'm Back, 313, and Criminal), but they are hilarious videos.

Also, I agree with slashnburn. I HATE MTV now! It's completely awful! All they show now are stupid (un)reality shows. I wish they would go back to playing music videos.
The music video of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift is just unforgettable. The song, the artist, the storyline of the video, everything is just great! Smile
My list of awesome music videos.
Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator

All the Cheesy ones like "Warrant" Cherry Pie
Wonder Girls "Nobody"
Whether you're watching the English or original Korean version, this video is just plainly very entertaining and beautiful. The song is catchy (although the meaning is rather sad) and the dance choreography is great. Plus some funny storyline starring the group's own producer/CEO! Smile

Watch it here: English version, Korean version with English subtitles
The best music video for all times for me is Michael Jackson's "Thriller". It' just amazing... Everytime I watch it I tell myself: "Yeah, this is the best video ever"
This video is pretty amazing considering they only spent $100 on making it!! It's a neat concept too.
Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me"
Another fun music video from the lady who could sing, as well as rap (proven in "Thug Story" with T-Pain), the concept is actually cool and fitting to the song. Taylor is beautiful in her nerd look, in the brown wig, and of course in that Cinderella moment at the video's last scene. Smile
Eminem "Love the Way You Lie" (feat. Rihanna)
The music video is good enough but it could have had something more in it. Having heard of the song (and liking it) before being able to see its video, I had high hopes for it to be great but when I finally saw it, I didn't really get wowed by it. I expected it to at least match "Cleaning Out My Closet" and "Stan" which for me were better. Smile
Bruno Mars, "The Lazy Song"
Fun song, and also has a fun video to go with it. Great choreography. Simple, but entertaining. Smile
Music videos are the one who i love the most, I think the music is the one who puts us in the move.
I love Enrique's Video coz they 're either too romantic or very sexy !!

Apart from Enrique I love Eminem and Loose Yourself's video is one of my favourite one !! I love the song !! Cool
I always found the video of the Foo Fighters - The Pretender an amazingly good video. Smile It also matches good with the tunes of the song.

I really like "Giving up the Gun" by Vampire Weekend. The girl looks so determined and the song is pretty good, too!

Taylor Swift, "The Story of Us"
The track I dub as "You Belong With Me (Part 2)." Quite a fun song but it isn't the very nice video that I expected. But it's entertaining enough and still good to watch.


Even though I am a Radiohead fan, I still think "what ****#%? he doing"in this Music Video!
Of course the music video of my favorite song right now. Charice - Louder

Michel Gondry's work is breathtaking, really... This video still gives me shivers.

I agree with the Michael Jackson Thriller comment. Best video ever. Maybe we should make two groups though: best short and long music video ever. Long would be "Thriller" and short might have to be "Everlong - Foo Fighters"
Blummer wrote:
Michel Gondry's work is breathtaking, really... This video still gives me shivers.

Pretty much everything from Debut and Post was fantastic Smile
I thought this video was really cool. Totally fascinated with electric cellos as well. The guy is enjoying himself thoroughly too, it's almost infectious. Very Happy

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