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Somebody known as do an automatic backup online.
linkview wrote:
Somebody known as do an automatic backup online.

If your quest is "Does any body know how to automatically backup my website/database?" then the answer is yes, there are several ways to do so depending on your setup and situation.
I'm not sure, put i think you can use cron jobs, you make timed automatic backups.
Put you need to know some unix commands tho.
HeavyVanilla wrote:
I'm not sure, put i think you can use cron jobs, you make timed automatic backups.
Put you need to know some unix commands tho.
not really, but you need to know what you want.
For online backup the service "online folder" from the website is good enough.Additionally experience the following....

Online File Folder Features:

* Easy to use. Access, share, and manage files and folders quickly and easily.
* Backup, retrieve, and share your files anytime, from any computer that has an Internet connection.
* Quickly and easily back up computer files to your Online File Folder using a PC or Mac, either on an automated schedule or manually. Plus, download files from Online File Folder to your computer, or synchronize computer folder files with those in Online File Folder.
* Make sure you always have the right version of your files. The improved Sync Tool lets you automatically sync your computers -- at home, work, school or wherever -- every day, week or month.
* Upload and download files to and from your Online File Folder account via FTP. It's as easy as sending files to and logging in.
* Editing Tool lets you edit your files from Online File Folder. Save the edited file and the changes are automatically saved in your Online File Folder.
* Download and save multiple files at once.
* Access online files right from your desktop. With WebDAV support, including Microsoft's Web Folders technology, you can view or edit your online files and folders as easily as if they were located on your computer's network.
* Transfer files in a snap with our Drag 'n Drop feature! Organizing your files has never been easier.
* Bypass ISP restrictions on email attachment size. Just email a link to the file you want to share -- no more bounced emails or clogged inboxes.
* Compress and expand even the largest files with a simple click to get the most of your storage space.
* Affordable. Just pennies a day give you a user-friendly interface, ample storage space and instant access to your files.
* Powerful encryption keeps your personal files safe and secure, protecting them against hackers and other online threats.
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