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Making my liquid cooling, even cooler

So I have a Thermaltake 760i Bigwater set up in my box right now, working on getting some cold cathodes for it, but I doubt that will make it any cooler.

Theres a copper CPU block on there that came stock with the kit, no fan and the setup seems pretty permanent.... (I had to put some adhesive strips on the bottom of the motherboard). And I already have a rather large radiator/pump but I'm not opposed to a second radiator if that will help.

Can anyone recommend something good for my setup that will help cool down my CPU? I'm currently running at an idle of 55 C. and would like to see something more so in the range of 30 C since my processor is listed to have a critical temperature of 65 degrees C and I get damn close to that when gaming.
KHO wrote:
I'm currently running at an idle of 55 C.

55° C with water cooling ?! Shocked
That's too high.
My CPU runs at about 51° C at idle, on stock cooling, in one of the hottest regions on earth.
It reaches 67° C after hours of peak load. (My thermal safezone is below 72, as per manufacturer's specifications).

As I always say sometimes, don't worry too much about this stuff, it gets outdated before it breaks down. Wink
Holy hell!!! That's insanely high! My first recommendation is make sure the cooling system is touching where it needs to touch, and is allowing ambient airflow where it shouldn't be touching. I run at 46ēC peak load with air cooled, 36ēC idle. The only way I can see a liquid cooled system running as hot as yours is:

A) Improper installation
B) Faulty Cooling system.

With that said, if your mother board supports it, you can get passive cooling fans to place on your mobo. They are quiet and small... but if placed properly, they do one HELL of a job.

but really... I would look at my cooling system if I were you. There's something weird going on there.

If I may ask, what are you running for:

Video Card
Any ventilation fans (front/back/side chassis)
extra 'perks' (cathodes, LEDs, etc)

Are you running PCI or PCI-E?

What's your power supply (brand and model) (Yes. This can actually affect temperature)

With all that, the temperature you're finding... is that system temp or is that CPU temp? Though one can affect the other, it's important to pinpoint the source. Whichever one it is, what is the other?

it gets outdated before it breaks down.

This needs to be a signature.
Holy CRAP that's hot!

Did you use thermal paste to attach the water cooling heatsink to the CPU / GPU? I would also look at your case ventilation.
I'm not a fan of these sorts of kits. I don't think the radiators have it in them to cool anything properly. A single 120mm fan is little on its own but its position makes it so much more difficult. From what I've read, that particular fan is rather noisy as well.

I would at least add another radiator, dual or tripple 120mm so long as the pump can take it.

Check the water hasn't leaked out as well Razz
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