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Massive gaming overload

This season is killing me. This year there are more must-play titles than ever, and I'm getting buried alive under my backlog. I keep a spreadsheet in Google Docs (!!) and it's gotten over 50 lines (!!!).

What do you all do to handle the pile of awesome the industry has handed us this year?
Am I seriously the only one suffering from this? I got Fallout 3 on launch day (!!!) and I'm only like 20-25 hours in! For a 100+ hour game! And that's practically the only thing I've been playing since then, not counting a little bout with Red Alert 3 over Christmas break.
No overload for me! Very Happy

Are you trying to get everything and do all the side missions in Fallout 3, cuase I beat it in around 40 hours and I did a lot of the side missions, I don't see how anyone can invest 100+ hours into that game.

For me there aren't too many games that are sparking my interest. I have the new Prince of Persia and Chrono Trigger on the DS that I need to play, but with my photography class I don't think I'll have much time to play them. As for games out soon I will probably get Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 when they come out.
Getting all the trophies and going through every discovered location is well over 100 hours with the quests.

Going to be a massive gaming overload all year I think, so many good games coming out, especially in Q2. I best get some overtime in. Surprised
I just don't have the funds to play all of the games so i just play the best ones, of the types that I really like. Left4Dead is my favoite one to check out for all of you.
I got a few games. Fallout was one of them, so were Gears 2, CoD 5, Fable 2, etc. I beat all the games I bought except Fallout... It's fun, but I'm kinda stuck on a part so I barely play it Razz I usually play Halo 3 all of the time. I'm.. addicted to Halo!
Wow, this hasn't happened to me at all. I couldn't find anything decent RPG released this year at all... Stuck with FE10 (not that that's a bad thing) and Brawl. Which is alright, I guess. Spent most of my time with ADOM. Guess there's a lot if you're an FPS fan or such.
@Wombat: I hear really good things about Persona 4. I also might try Lost Odyssey and Last Remnant. And have you tried The Witcher yet? They patched it extensively ("Extended Edition" is a free upgrade if you already had it) It got GOTY from a bunch of places.

Maybe I need to start tagging my games spreadsheet with genres... those were just off the top of my head.
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