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Fan Issue

I am trying to connect my case fans to my motherboard and I am confused. The fan has a yellow, red, and black wire coming off of it. That leads to a small brown connector which plugs into a small white connector which has a red and a black wire coming off of it going to a large, four pronged male connector. On that back of that connector a black, a red, a yellow, and another black wire which goes to a female connector. Where do I plug this in? I can remove the white from the brown plug and plug the fan into the motherboard.

What do I do?

Thanks ahead of time,

It's possible that I didn't follow everything you're saying but I'll try. Black is ground, red is 12 volt, and yellow is data (tells the motherboard if the fan is running and controls speed). The four prong male connector would be a 4 pin molex connector. Here, red is 5 volt, yellow is 12 volt, and the black ones are ground. This usually connects directly to the power supply, but just remember there's no control over fan speed. I'd say just take the 3 pin connector and go right to the motherboard. They probably just gave you the 3 pin to 4 pin connector in case you didn't have a way to connect it to your motherboard.

So yeah, if you have a fan connector on the motherboard, just connect the fan to the motherboard.

Hope this helps.
william wrote:

So yeah, if you have a fan connector on the motherboard, just connect the fan to the motherboard.

Precisely. If that won't work, you can find a four-wire plug that will fit connected to your hard drive or CD drive. (Not SATA hard drives)

Connect it like so, if you have to:
4 wire molex connector from PSU --> Adapter that came with fan (and splits off to go to fan) --> CD drive
I got it figured out. The little brown one plugged into the mobo to control the fan and the other connectors were to plug into the PSU if I didn't want it motherboard controls. I thought that from the start, but I just wanted to be careful so that I would send a few dozens extra volts into my motherboard and fry it.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
haven't heard of the motherboard getting fried because of pluggin in a cooling fan... maybe unless you try pluggin in a modified table fan. The motherboard always have a CPU fan socket point (usually brown/white) which allows your motherboard to monitor the fan speed via BIOS or through an installed program. I don't think it will be able to do that if you plug it into the available points that come with your PSU.
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