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Why do the ones i like always like one of my friends

ive got this on-going problem that i get to know a girl but im too shy to ask for anything, numbers or a date.. and after a week or so of talking to a girl she ends up interested in another guy usually somebody i know. one example..i like this girl i knew way back in grade school and shes been coming around again. she is single, two of my friends like her, i like her, and my friend who inst single is the one shes coming on to. i know i could offer her so much better than this kid, im the only one who knows hes a cheater and has been for a long time. I'm tired of seeing girls pick ****** and wrong guys over me,im handsome, in shape, im nice, sensitive, laid back, and can be devoted....what am i missing or doing wrong. i donut push myself on a girl, i let her have her space. I say the right things, we always hit it off, and when i do ask them out they say "you shoud've already known the answer.. of course!" so i would think thats a good thing.... a week later shes the one telling me i moved too fast, whats the deal!
Once girls get past age 16-17, they get a whole lot easier to deal with.

But it's still annoying to hear guys whining about how they're better than that other guy. Prove it.
Steal her away from him. Girls like it when guys compete over them.
Because when banks compete, you win.
To be honest, shyness doesn't get you anywhere. Some girls may find it "cute," but chances are, you won't get many dates that way. If you find a girl that you like, and she's single, just hurry and ask her out before someone else does. The worse that can happen is she says no.
I think you might need to be a little more assertive with the ladies and more than anything else be confident in who you are and what you bring to the relationship. If you know your worth, your walk, your stance, everything about you will show it and the girls will come to you.

Don't use this to be an idiot tho, cause it'll be a huge turn off if you turn into a player/cheater.
i would never cheat..... Shame on you but i am shy and not very confident...but im more responsible than the other guys i know and they are all straight up ****** to girls and im the nice one but they choose them still....if i act like an ****** it does help a little and that annoys me, why do girls want an ******.
what you need to do is grow some balls and have confidence. people can not read minds. they have to be told
Be man enough to tell the person that you like her. Its never too late change. Don't end up a loser!

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You and your best friend can never be apart im sure.
Perhaps you are overthinking your relationships with girls. Maybe you want more from the relationships than called for? The girl you mentioned might have felt this too in you, perhaps you are overacting, rather than allowing things to develop naturally. Why not keep it light and easy? Why be envious of your friends? Also, are you sure you are looking at the facts objectively? Perhaps some of the women are just using you to get to your friends. Some women do do that. Think my advice would be for you to go out and have fun in a new hobby like diving, hiking, rock climbing, where you can meet fun friends, and have normal friendship relationships to start off with, that can develop into more, if they are meant to, those kind of relationships are much more fun anyway, uncomplicated and usually develop into really good friendships.
its all too complicated for me im not even looking for a girl anymore im just going to wait for one to fall into my lap.
If the girls say that you've moved too fast... then you probably have. Be chill! Once a girl has said yes to you (and you mention that they do) just relax!! They have already said yes, when they could have said no. It is no longer your job to make them like you... you just have to not mess it up! So relax! Be interested, be sincere, and you're good to go!
been trying to just not look desperate and not try so hard...its actually working better sombody is already interested in me
I've been in your situation before. But when I encounter any of it, i just try my best to prove that I'm the better choice, but not look too desperate or pushy cause' that'll only scare her away.
And if all that doesn't work out, I'm still glad that we're still friends and that's better than nothing.
If they keep going for your friends that means. Either your ugly or you're VERY shy. And if your ugly you CAN'T be shy too.
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