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Problems with Posting

Am quoting this from the Suggestions Forum where the posting was originally posted:

This morning (UAE time) did two postings I did not receive a credit for in posting number as well as points. One was under the Chat heading of 2009 Predictions and the other under Websites for Drupal. When I did the posting, it must have timed out, as it took ages, and then went to one of those error pages. I automatically knew then I lost points and a posting number when that happened.

The posting number stayed the same as before the posting had been submitted, it obviously did not register in the way it should have to click over and come up with the points earned screen.

I have occasionally lost points and postings this way in the past, but this morning two out of three postings. Will be grateful if this problem could be solved?

Is there a way that if the page times out, Frihost could deal with it in a way that I do not loose the credit for a posting and points? Right now it seems to publish the posting but without crediting/registering for new posting number and points. If it did it the other way round, i.e. register first, before publishing the posting, would that work better? Or simplest suggestion perhaps could be for Frihost to be programmed so that when the Web page times out not to publish the posting at all so that I could have an opportunity to retry and earn credits for the posting at a time when the Web page does not time out any more?

This is a copy of the page that comes up when it times out:

Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: "Connection refused"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

For assistance, contact Customer Support.
It seems like there it is a server problem. Either something crashed or was restarted causing the error. It could be that an account was created and that Apache was restarted. Otherwise it might be due to the database.
Bondings wrote:
It seems like there it is a server problem. Either something crashed or was restarted causing the error. It could be that an account was created and that Apache was restarted. Otherwise it might be due to the database.

Thanks Bondings. I checked and my published content shows in this posting, however, just before this posting I did one under the Chat Forum - 666, and although I earned points for it, and the content shows perfectly in edit mode, when I publish it, the final posting shows no content in it. I tried to delete it, and redo it, and the redone one also does not show.

Strange, but glad to see that this posting does show. This morning found a number of connection messages, so database playing up again?
Posts that contain content similar to this become invisible and also, it appears to me, take a long time to post -

Something to do with php security ?
Darn! Happened to me again tonight. Submitted a posting, and it took longer than usual, and then nothing happening. When I went back, it went through, but the number of the posting is still the same as the previous posting and no points earned! Wonder if others are experiencing the same problem? It is thankfully infrequent, perhaps average of 1 posting in 20, and I have also learned to copy the content of the posting before I submit it, and usually I am vigilant, i.e. if the submission takes too long, it is a sign that it is going to time out. But tonight was just too late. Smile
The last two evenings at home, have been particularly bad for postings that did not get credited. Same problem reoccurring, but more frequently now. Is there a way to work round this through the settings at Frihost? So that when there is a time-out, such as I have been experiencing, that the posting get completely rejected, instead of publishing it, and not registering it for credits. When the system times out, my posting gets published, but there is not extra point for the posting, nor Frihost$ earned.
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