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Gran Turino

Has anyone seen this movie with Clint Eastwood? man he sure can play a hard ass well..
makes me laugh when he starts insulting the white kid for dressing black.

Do you know of anyone that watches over your neighborhood? and do you think it's a good thing or a bad one?
Watched it yesterday, was very good. Gets sad. It's worth the watch.
And no, I don't have anyone watching over the neighborhood, not that I know of (Catman maybe? Razz).
This movie was very good. The ending was actually very predictable but is was still very good and symbolic. Some of the Hmong actors weren't great but given that, for most of them, it was their first movie and english likely was not their first language, the acting wasn't bad at all.
Good movie, still shows client eastwood is a bad ass at no matter what age!
Skye001 wrote:
Good movie, still shows client eastwood is a bad ass at no matter what age!

Dang right! He's the best!
I have only seen some information of it, and looks like a good movie, of course he is a great actor, and it's his last screen performance, how sad is that. I'll see it as soon as I can, I know that my mother would love to see it to, she likes him
This film is great.... Sad ... but really goood
One of my friends gave me a high recomendation of this movie. He said this is even better than Oscar winning Slum dog mill Surprised

So I watched it right away. It was a good flm. NOt surprisingly havving more than 8 points in IMDB Smile

As someone said, Some Hmong actors act really dumb :p Tao sucks most of the time .

But the moie is ok. I thought eastwood will shoot every bad ass at the end. But hell, Nice plan Wink
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