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poems from a non-poet

here goes another poem i wrote
please leave and apinion about it

here is another poem i just thought of
well, life. what exactly is life?, life full of wonders
things so extraordinary that confuses our senses from ever reaching the truth about what life really is
life, that was given to us by someone or something that is so beyond our understanding that there's no logic in ever trying to find the answer we ask our selves all the time (who made life and why?) is just understandable
well, I think of life as a privilege, or a gift that no one can ever duplicate nor destroy
it will exist until the limit has reached and over pass the borders of its dones
sometimes i think of life as a duty
a duty that we must seek inside of our selves and think. who is life?, why am i looking for life? or just say life is love
love that make us a better person and an animal also
it creates an emotion that many beans had already pass thru
making then fight for the only one person that is compatible with its own soul
or should i say; the other haft of my whole purpose of existing
the part that i have always look for and that also has been looking for me
the other part of me that finally will stop my soul from constant suffering and bring a rainbow of life in a form of peace where when i reach the end of it
i would finally have found what my purpose in my life was
and why i was meant to be here
and die knowing that life is just the end of everything i was really looking for
and that I die happily with understanding of my whole purpose in someones life
that i made the other part of me feel a complete soul
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