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Mail clients not working on anything but Vista

Ha, Vista wins. At my house, there are three laptops (one Vista, one XP, and one Mac OS X) on the wireless network and one desktop PC (XP (and an Xbox 360)) plugged in directly to the router via ethernet cables. Everything is on the same router. Before I had a Linksys WRK54G router (which turned out to be crap).

With that, mail clients (Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo mail) and Facebook all work perfectly on the Vista laptop, but not on the Windows XP laptop and desktop, or the Mac laptop. The log-in screens appear but upon logging in nothing works, just a blank white screen. The same result is returned from IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Upon clearing a browser's cookies, the two laptops and desktop with the problem are able to access mail -once-, but then to use it again the cookies have to be cleared again. Also, MSN Messenger does not sign in from any of them either.

I then got a new router, the Linksys WRT150N. This fixed some internet related problems with my Xbox 360, but the problematic computers are still having the same problems.

Anyone have any solutions? Thanks!

PS. I do think this is a router-related problem which Vista is able to deal with while XP and Mac OS X are not.
Router related problem? huh....

Does your router do content filtering? meaning does it proxy your requests? I doubt it seriously.

I think the problem is with you windows installations, there is some common component missing on your system. Have you got any software running on XP systems (a firewall, ad block program etc) that does not run on Vista? Even in the worst case, all the sites that you are trying to access, try to sniff your system settings, and if all fails, they send you plain HTML which does not really require cookies.

Just to prove that XP is the culprit here, you can do one thing, grab VirtualBox latest version and run a Live Linux Distribution in it, (Ubuntu, SuSE, Mint). They do not need installing, and normally have browsers preinstalled. If you get white pages in those two with XP being host OS, then you can blame the router probably. Otherwise it is your XP that has something wrong with it. Hope this helps.
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