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Mats Sundin

Mats Sundin is a Canuck!

What do you think will be the line combos?

I project it like this:

Demitra - Sundin - Wellwood
Sedin - Sedin - Raymond
Burrows - Kesler - Hansen
Hordichuk - Bernier - Pyatt

Not sure about the 4th line. Bernier or Pyatt may be lined up with the Sedins again. Raymond might also be given a chance with Demitra and Sundin.

What are your thoughts?
I think he'll centre a line with Demitra.... fingers crossed there aren't many more games like yesterdays nightmare v San Jose...

Yeah, absolute nightmare... I'm glad he signed before that one!
Well, Sundin played last night. Didn't really accomplish much though, played 15 minutes. No Points, no shots on goal.

The only nice thing about that start for him, is that it can only get better ... unless he gets injured Very Happy
Yeah, didn't really put on a show or anything, but I do like how the rest of the team responded! Bernier looked great!
I think he is a good addition to the team. He's a great team leader. Some of the youngsters will definitely benefit from some time working with Sundin.
yeah, he's probably one of the few guys that could be added to a team mid-season and mesh easily without ruffling too many feathers.

Let's see what he can do tonight! You a Canucks fan?
Not really, or at least no more than any other Canadian team. Growing up, I was always a Winnipeg Jets fan, but when the moved to Phoenix, I was left without a team. Ever since then, I've pretty much cheered for any Canadian team. If I have to pick between them though, it's always west over east (I'm in Alberta).

I would say generally, I'm a hockey fan. I don't really care who is playing, if there is a game on, I'll watch it.

[EDIT]I've also got Raymond in my hockey pool, so I'd love to see some Raymond / Sundin love.[/EDIT]
Ahhh... you're still in a hockey pool at least... Good man!
I början när Peter Culha dök upp och började skriva för jnytt så var han en frisk fläkt eftersom JP höll en sunkig nivå. Sen dess har dock i alla fall vissa skribenter ryckt upp sig rejält på JP. Culha däremot framstår mer och mer som en Glenn Hysén istället för den Jens Fjällström eller Glenn Strömberg som han borde vara. Istället blir det bara massa klyschor och tråkiga intetsägande ämnen. Skriv inte bara "J-Södra och HFF gör för lite mål", det kan ju vem som helst se utan nej jag vill ha en förklarade krönika med vad som är fel i taktiken, vad spelarna gör galet osv. Förslag på andra ämnen såhär spontant: Kan Råslätt blir en div 2-klubb, ja kanske tom mer och hur kommer de dit i så fall? Varför lyckas aldrig riktigt Markus Kuce trots att han har alla förutsättningar? Är han Jönköpings egen Cassano? Hur ser Tenhults framtid ut? Kan och ska de sikta på div 1 eller ska de nöja sig med spel i division 2?
Well.... it nice to see that the Canucks appear to have re-captured their early season form.... and Mats Sundin is getting on the scoresheet too.

We were in Whistler during the nightmare run in January when they seemed to find a new way to lose almost every night. Strangely, the best games we saw were the two they lost to the Sharks... Seemed to be more of a team effort in those games... even if they did lose out in the end.

However, since we've returned home they've starting winning again.... from the highlights I've seen they have been a little lucky in a couple of the games.... but then again... you could say they were a little unlucky in some of the January losses.... Guess it all balances out...

Great playoff battle in the West.... I can see this one going down to the final games... not good for the finger nails.... but its great when the playoffs effectively start a couple of weeks early.

CRAZY close playoff battle in the west!

Yup, the bandwagon is full again after a few come-from-behind victories and a 4 game winning streak. Awesome.
I traded Paul Mara for Mats Sundin in my hockey pool. His first game in my pool he scored two goals. Second game he had a goal and two assists.

I figure I won that trade.
I can't believe he is still playing?!

I remember him on my favorite team and my favorite video game.

Quebec Nordiques, NHL Hockey 94 for Sega Genesis!
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