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Google's Christmas Logo

Ghost Rider103
Does anybody actually see all the letters "Google" in this image?

They are usually pretty good about really blending in their letters, but usually if you look close enough, you can find all the letters.

I think I see the first "G" and the first "O". But I don't think I see the second "O". I know I see the "L" and the lowercase "g" but I don't see the second "o" or the "e".

Can you see all the letters?

EDIT: Oh, I think the two heads are supposed to be the "o's". Anyone see the "e"?
The heads aren't the "o's" ,the word can be traced by the google colors "blue,red,yellow,blue,green,red".

The "o's" are meant to be those mechanisms on the side of the box.

They have made it quite abstract,almost reducing the google name to the google colors.
It really is quite abstract Razz
I can't see the second "o" and the "e".
They have some more on this site:
I prefer the first one, what's your opinion?
well the world knows about the brand, and they don't need to justify it. they have simply tried to match the color combination, thats it
Actually, the last 'e' is sort of there... Look at the little red basket there, and ignore every part of it that is not red. It does show up as 'e' shaped... sort of.
I didn't get what that holiday that Google image was supposed to be (Christmas is still a few days off after all). Now I can see its relation to Christmas. The letters are difficult to see but its true that Google doesn't really need their letters to be legible since the colors are so recognizable.
I cant see any of the letters Shocked
Ghost Rider103
I myself do not know the exact order or what the colors go in, so I would never know who this image belongs to if it wasn't on Google's front page.

I know there is Blue, Red, Yellow, and green. I think that is all the colors, but I am not sure, and I don't even know what order they are in, except I think the "G" is blue.
Ghost Rider103
Looks like they updated their logo. I can see the letters a lot better now, but I still don't understand where the "e" is.

I'm still having problems differentiating the letters but I guese it goes to show you how good the marketting people are at google. This will keep people talking. Love the first image though in the designs, much easier to read.
To me it looks a little like a disaster. I can't fathom any connection with the season either. Sort of a mismash of everything. And yes, I can't see the letters either without squinting my eyes very hard.

Edit a couple of hours after the above posting:
OK on second thoughts. I checked out the Google logo and clicked on it, with the following result. Finally get it Smile :
They seem to be adding more daily. I am guessing tomorrows will be the last one,unless its going to be a 12 days of christmas thing.

So far they have. (EDIT: to include picture 5 in the series)

Yep that are all four logos:

But google has alot of "doodles" like they call it:
The Olympic Games
Happy Holidays
And so on (just change the number from 2 - 15)[/url]
Is the guy in the pictures supposed to be santa claus?
Donutey wrote:
Is the guy in the pictures supposed to be santa claus?

I doubt it. Think Google is very conscious of its international status as well as fun status. Must be some gnome doodling very hard with Google, while the festive season is on the go.
I love Google's pictures Smile))
I've been following these pictures too! Google allways has nice doodles.
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