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Urban Dead: a free webgame.

Texas Al
Man, you have to check this game out, it rules....

You can be either a zombie or a survivor, and you do stuff to get experience points and buy skills with them. If you're a survivor you search inside abandoned buildings to get weapons, ammo, and other supplies. It has a huge map with different kinds of buildings that contain different types of supplies. You can (well, pretty much have to) barricade yourself inside a builiding before you log off so the zombies don't get you. If you die for any reason you rise as a zombie.

The nice thing about it is that you don't even have to put in an email address to register (wtf does everyone require email to register even for the stupidest little things these days?). You just create an account and get going.

If you want to team up, my name on the game is F1r3br4nd. I'm a medic so if you get hurt I can heal you. Message me on this forum if you want to know where I'm currently holed up. If there's enough of us on there maybe we can form a FriHost clan.

My only warning to you is not to bother being a medic. Be a soldier, cop, or fireman so you at least start out with a decent weapon skill. Or be a scientist so you can gain non-combat experience more easily. Or I suppose you can be a zombie, in which case my advice to you is to find a police station with me and ten other humans in it and stand very still right in the middle of us. I'll explain later. Wink
what is the good in this game ?!
I just tried playing it for a few turns, but that web server is just waaaaaay too slow for my liking. I'm on a cable and it takes at least 10 seconds for the page to load or refresh. :/

Otherwise, it seems like a pretty interesting game.
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