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Where will web design be in the future?

Do you think that people will still pay for "web design" in the future? Who knows, but at the rate technology is going nowadays, it's becoming easier for the average person to create professional-looking web pages.
Right. It is becoming easier. Although I would say cost is still the same if you wish to publish your own domain. Think blogging is quite a neat phenomenon that makes publishing almost effortless. Discussion groups as these together with blogging and review options are making Websites that much more alive. In summary, cost is about the same, depending on how independent you are, but design and content have become richer and more interactive in a real time way.
Ghost Rider103
Yes, absolutely.

No doubt it is becoming easier for someone to create their own web page, but it's the people with experience that come up with amazing web design's that just the average person will never be able to create unless they gain experience. Web design is a skill that takes years to master.

But really, unless you are somewhat familiar with the web design field, it is not getting easier. If you take someone who has never touched a web/graphic design program, and tell them to try their hardest to make a decent website template, chances are they will have no clue what they are doing. I would have to say the most commonly used program to design websites is Photoshop. I remember when I first used the program, I was so confused it took me about a month before I could even understand how to use the layer properly. Today, Photoshop still uses the layer style, and probably will for a very long time. It's not getting any easier to learn the program if you are new to it. No matter what, it will always take experience to come up with something amazing, which is why people will always pay for web design.

Besides, designing the template is only one step to having your own website, you still have to think about the programming that goes on behind it. I have friends that don't even know what php is, and there is a good chance that we all do (considering you all have friends outside the internet Laughing )

But I know a lot of times, people come up with ideas for a website company that they believe will make them some decent money, but they have no clue how to even start a website besides buying their hosting, after that, they are stumped.

Believe me, I have seen this happen countless times. I know somebody who has paid over $40,000 for their website. They are an older retired couple who sell products for animals. Believe it or not, $40,000 is about the right price for professional web development. I mean REAL professionals, not freelancers who call themselves professionals.

An actual high up web design company charges big bucks, and I mean real big bucks for a complete web design.

People will have to pay for web design for a long time to come. Just think about it, there are so many new company's appearing on the website, it's only going to get better from here on out. Especially if GM, Chrysler, and Ford go out of business, I guarantee you will see a huge positive impact on jobs available on the internet.
Even if making professional webpages become easier for the lay person, I think that technology will also develop in favor of the professional web designer; there will probably be better software, more standards to work with, etc. that you won't get in a beginner software or whatever.
As GhostRider said, the design (although he said template) is only the first step. Getting that design to work across different browsers can be a problem. In fact, that was probably the biggest problem I had in my early days of designing sites.

Next, what do you put on the page? Even if you only want a very simple personal page you still have to write the text. Most personal websites I've seen have got too much on 1 page. I look at them and think "I'm not reading that lot". Then there is updating the information to think about.

When it comes to company websites the difficulties increase. Think about the logo, for instance. You can scan it in - but what about the rest of the stuff that will be on the scan? You would need a graphics program to cut out the bit you want. And there is the size to consider.

Then there is site maintenance. If the company wants to list what it does or sells then you need a way to be able to quickly update the information. The best solution would be a CMS of some kind; but you would still need to learn how to use it and, from what I've seen, that's easier said than done in a lot of cases.

If it is a large company with a big product range then even just getting the information onto the site in the first place can be a mammoth task.

Online ordering and payments? Not easy for a novice. OK, there are off-the-shelf shopping carts but there are still problems with those. There is the problem of integrating the cart with the rest of your site. The colour schemes and layouts may not be quite what you want so you need to dive into the code and fiddle with it.

So, things may get easier for people to actually get a webpage but, all things considered, unless you would be satisfied with something cheap and nasty, get a professional to do it.
What if in the future, all this coding will be automated, or maybe WYSIWYG programs will be so sophisticated that all the person needs to do is come up with the content that goes on the site?
Ghost Rider103
That kind of advanced work is still generations away, in my opinion anyways.

Even if it were the advanced of a program, the person still runs into the problem of other design fields that they will need to look into to be able to be successful in the online world.

What about all the little bars and boxes, backgrounds, outlines, shadows, lighting, and even other images, such as banners, logos, etc. that make up the website, and overall bring the website alive? They will still have to find a way to get all those kinds of things. It doesn't matter if you have a program that will generate a perfectly clean code for you, you still run into the problem that a beginner user in this field will not be able to create something everyone would want to look at.

So no matter what, web design will be a job for far in the future. A lot of people now a days will just buy a template online. Well even if they buy the website from another website that sells pre-made templates, the web designer who made those templates, is still in good business.

Your thinking too much "what if's". I could sit here all day and come up with what if's about the world. What if the internet all the sudden becomes completely dead, and nobody wants to use it anymore, and everyone gets rid of their computers? Well then nobody would have a job online. What if in the future you are not allowed to buy anymore domains, and only the remaining websites are allowed to be on the internet? Web designers would almost be out of business then, except for people wanting a new template for themselves, but that's another story.

Nobody can really answer that kind of a what if answer correctly. It is not likely to happen anytime soon. It's good to think about the future, but justifying more what if's isn't going to get us anywhere.

What if we all die tomorrow? Nobody would have a job. Laughing
ABSOLUTELY people will still pay for web design, for 1 reason

TIME :- If your business is not web design, why would you spend valuable time making a web page when you can pay someone to do it, and they will probably do it a lot better than you because they are a professional

Also, it is easier for the average joe to make a web page now, but its also easier for the average joe to make a professional looking home movie, but Hollywood is still going strong Wink
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