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trying to get a better computer for gaming

first off i dont no 2 much about the computer just what iv learned in the last 3 days of lookin around online..
so tell me if im missing somthing and if anyone finds something better im all ears im trying to do this low budget

that said i have a dell dem3000 2.8 ghrtz intel pen 4 processer not sure how much total memory i have but says i have a 510 mb memory installed and the games im trying to play are literally unplayable the lag and everything is so bad i havent done really anything to my pc but do no that its only pci compatable so im assuming i should get a new motherboard ( anything i should know please inform me im brand new to all this ) i found a motherboard that looks okay
so with that it looks like i can go with a pci e card now which from what iv seen around look alot better in every aspect ( from what i could make out from all the different numbers? ) so i found this vid card
trying to find the best for somewhere around $100

but i saw my power supply is only 250w so il need to find a power supply that will support the graphic card minimium with the 8pin connection and that 12v 18a thing
all for a good price

from what im assuming after that everything should be compatable and i should be able to run the pc ?

any and all input is welcomed i seriously need to learn what im talkin about and how i can make this work
Well, before you continue you're probably going to be very disappointed. A couple of things before you should purchase anything:

1. What is your current processor socket type? If it is something other than AM2 or AM2+ then your not in the boat. Oh, and is your processor even a AMD, or is in Intel. You can find this information on the box of your computer.

2. Will your current ram work in the new motherboard, is it DDR2 and meet the speeds supported by the motherboard? Also, the ram supported in the motherboard is dual channel, if you don't have dual channel ram you could horribly slow the system.

3. Your hard drives, will they work with the new motherboard? Are they IDE or SATA? This also goes for the power supply, will it support the ones you need?

4. Before purchasing a new motherboard and graphics card upgrade your ram. 510MB is probably not enough for the game you are attempting to run. Upgrade your RAM first, make sure you know what type it is by downloading a program called CPUZ, and see if it upgrades your performance first.

5. Is your monitor VGA or DVI? If it's VGA, then your graphics card won't support it without the adaptor. Also, the system requirements for the graphics card states that you need 512 MB of ram minimum, so you'll need to upgrade your RAM.

I know this is a lot to take in, but there's a lot to think about. If your thinking of upgrading your computer then I would just buy a new one. Upgrading the motherboard is a hard task, and will make you re-activate Windows, so if you have an illegal copy your screwed. Another thing to worry about is if the motherboard would fit in your current case.

If you have researched everything, then everything is a go. Both the motherboard and card are great for their price and will due you well with a RAM upgrade. I hope this helps!
He is right you can't put a Intel P4 into a AMD x2. Looks like you need to start from the ground up.
New motherboard means in your case new ram and cpu. If you want more video power you are looking at a new video card and psu. And you are most likely looking at a new case for better cooling as that old dell just won't work.
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