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What engineering degree to get?

Hi all, I'm a newbie here. I'm wondering what degree to get, I have worked in and around engineering for over 9 years but am struggling to find a job without a degree of some sort. Is there anyone out there who can sdvise what is easiest to get and indeed the best one to go for?
I'm not intended to rain on parade, but after Bachelor degree in engineering you may find yourself looking for any work, highly unlikely if it will be related to engineering at all. Crying or Very sad
Have mechanical engineer in the family.
Perhaps you need to see a good career counsellor. There should be a great number around who can advise you and who are professionally qualified for the job. Alternatively, if you are dead certain you would like to pursue studies in engineering, you could see someone from an Engineering Faculty at a University near you. Perhaps you could do some tests, or just talk to someone savvy, who can make you discover yourself what you would like to do by asking you the right questions.

University education is of course very expensive as well as hard work, so best to investigate this very thoroughly with the help of professionals.
Great to see people interestd in upgrading themself. i have two sons and both are engineers. one is a civil engineer and the other an elctromechanic engineer. Both have very good jobs. one has a job in Aruba and the other in Dominican Republic. Good salaries.
it is important to have a degree of any kind, although the experience is something also very important, but in most companies payment is much more if you have a degree.
i suggest you to pick the electro mechanic one, since people are affraid of electricity and someone that knows what to d with electric appliances and how to build them is good. a civil one is also good, since they are more office oriented and they are more on the fields as supervisor. The elcetro mechanic one has sometimes to work on the field, so he can show his workers how the job has to be done.
Hope you decide to go to college, if you are still young (30 -45) you are still in a good time of your life to have a degree.
well, i just graduated from WKU with an ME degree and it took 4 years.. i'm not sure if you've already got classes under your belt that would enable you to finish sooner, but if you don't, it will be hard to actually get a degree while keeping a full time job.. it is do-able though.. as far as what degree to go for.... it really just depends what and where you want to work.. maybe an IE degree for a more general degree to use.. mechanical's pretty broad as well
Degree stands like a proof to society to show that you are on that level of education. There is something else beyond the degree that one should know while working in corporate world. With respect to any engineering(specially Computer Science) it has been seen that people who are toppers in their college have not done well in their work. Things like Logical thinking and common sense plays very important role.
Its good thing that you are seeking for a degree. special thing about you is that you have work around experience so you will definitely do well in your education.I have seen many people around me having very good knowledge about particular field then any professional person in the field.
Finally to get good job, Degree is must.It acts like a gate pass.Go for degree which is close to the field in which u have worked. All the best
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