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Freeware for Compression algo and Data Encryption

I like to explore the various data compression algorithms that are used in networking theory. Can anyone suggest a suitable software that can be used for testing and if possible for teaching the theories.

I will also need a Data Encryption software for networking. Will be good if the theories can be tested and demostrated.

Suggestion and links are appreciated.
Agent ME
For file compression, tar and gzip together works well. If you want a GUI utility, 7zip is great and supports many formats.

For file encryption, gpg is commonly used, and it supports symmetric (passworded) encryption, and also public-key encryption.

For network encryption+compression, SSH is standard. SSL could also be useful.
I don't know if this is anything your looking for but for keeping my stuff hidden I use ""
Thanks for the info on compression and encryption.

I would like to use software that can demo the theories behind the applications.

Example, PKzip, etc uses variance of Huffman compression theory.

I am preparing materials for teaching these theories, and hope I can have software to reveal the theories, rather than a dry lecture.

More help will be appreciated. Thanks.
Studio Madcrow
InfoZIP includes source code for all the various algorithms used in the classic ZIP compression scheme, while 7zip is a leading open source implementation of LZMA, a VERY high performance algorithm. bzip2 and gzip also contain source code for widely used compression algorithm.
Yap, thanks, it is good to be able to review the source codes, but it will be really too difficult to teach algo using source codes.

I once used a software, which I have now lost it, that allows you to choose the compression, and shows the results. I am sure it was a freeware.

Something of this nature, I am hoping to find. Thanks for your highlight on the available source codes.
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