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Greek Protests

I haven't read anything about the Greek protests spreading to the US. Is this the case? Does anyone know of protests happening in Greek neighborhoods or at the embassies?

They are spreading all over Europe partially due to the unemployed population venting fustration. But the US's protesting counterparts don't seem to be active on this one.

I would understand if it was a local pay raise issue, but this is about police abuse of power, which is pretty much a worldwide phenomenon. Im curious why places like Chicago and New York havent surfaced in the news with their own Greek protest solidarity.

Or am I wrong. Can anyone point links, if this isn't the case?
The best website that has news about this is definitely the anarchist website Infoshop News. There have been many protests in solidarity with the Greek students, workers, and activists.

My favorite story is about the occupation of the New School in New York, which was partly inspired by the actions of Greek students:

But there's also these:
Nashville --
New York --
Boston --
Pittsburgh --
Milwaukee --
Chicago --

And there were riots after a man was shot in Georgia this week:

And today is the Day of International Action Against State Murders, as called out by the Greeks, so there will probably be a bunch of stuff going on today in the larger cities.

These will probably just be small demonstrations, though. The problem is that the US is waaaaay behind Europe in providing infrastructure and support for these kinds of actions, and Americans are just way more apathetic about, well, everything. Innocent people get killed by cops all the time here and it's just considered the costs of doing business and the victim is blamed. It's sickening but true...
Reminds me of the sixties in the United States when the students protested about a lot of things they were unhappy about.

Perhaps this is similar in Greece, some major changes are necessary and students feel deeply about it that they are prepared to risk their lives for this cause. Most of them anyway. I would imagine that there are also other non-student elements at work here, as have been during the US student unrests of the sixties. Domestic and/or international organized groups who would like an unstable environment in Greece.
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