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any body here lnow about the NEED FOR SPEED latest version?
google might give you some information about Need for Speed: Undercover
undercouver is the Best game on the internet. I play on this game when this start..

I love it
I've read a few reviews and most seem to think that it doesn't move the series forward at all and is generally utterly pointless if you've already got Most Wanted. Plus, I don't have a console and there's no way I'm getting it on PC as EA infect their games with some of the worst DRM possible. Well, I say possible but they wouldn't be getting sued left and right for it if it was legally possible.
Honestly, the Need for Speed series was nice until Most Wanted. Carbon was decent, but that was the start of the decline. Prostreet was awful, and I had hopes that Undercover would fix up the series, but they did the impossible. They made it even worse. 16 months of development and that's what they come up with. Very disappointing. I've steered away from the Need for Speed series since.
I was dissapointed playing it, the last one I really loved was Underground 1. Well i'm back to playing GRID until another decent racing game comes out.
I agree. The need for speed has taken a turn for the worst. I liked it when all you needed to do was click a few buttons to race and beat the game... not find all the hidden races and upgrades. that's why they had zelda back in the day... when it comes to racing games, just throw the content at me so i can try to beat it with the fastest times. Who could honestly sit in front a a TV looking for crap on free roam to no prevail and have fun playing a game.
But NFS: Underground is better than Pro Street. I actually hate Pro Street. EA made the right decision on Undercover to bring it back to "Most Wanted" style, not racing on a closed circuit like Pro Street.
yeah definately, really all I have time for in between when i'm editing is to do a couple races. I don't wanna be searching and driving around a massive city. Almost like EA doesnt learn from their mistakes and just not listening to their players. Really miss the replays after a race and just overall fun gameplay. Hated the fact that each version promoted buying a new computer to play it properly on. Give us good gameplay!
hope its as good as the original need for speed on ps1

many hours wasted, i`ll never have back
a game-class speed. I have difficulty playing it. No smoking is very rolling. Sound and graphics that it's excellent.
The latest in Need For Speed series is Undercover. It was the most awaited game of 2008. It was released in november 17 2008. A high resolution game which needs a graphic card with and above 256mb of ram. Not too exciting to play as the other series were.
I like Need for Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!
good thing its gone back to street racing with police chases and things
prostrret was sh!t with no free roam police or street racing
Very true, I think after Most Wanted just like you guys that this game has been pointless. Undercover barily runs on a top of the line system and looks like crap. It is a total waste of money. I didn't buy but saw a friend trying to play it. Just sad that it even passes for a game. I think GTA4 beats it hands down in driving which is really sad.
i dint like undercover so much as the underground series! Need For Speed series gameplay started deteriorating after most wanted.
swizzy wrote:
i dint like undercover so much as the underground series! Need For Speed series gameplay started deteriorating after most wanted.

EA is making the game-series to crap

in the old days with need for speed porsch and titles like that, those are the real games where NFS get the name of.

today its still a new crap game with the known NFS name. thats the only reason way ppl buy the game
I've got an older version of Need For Speed, Hot Pursuit. Dates back to Windows 98, lol.
Underground was a great game for the PS2. Anything more than a racing game and I get distracted, so the sequels after Underground kind of annoyed me. It makes it more in-depth and thrilling to have things chasing after you, but I guess I'm too casual a gamer for that ^_^
Last version is Need for Speed Undercover - Need for Speed returns for another installment of EA's street-racing franchise but it not better than Need for Speed Most Wanted - In Need for Speed Most Wanted, you can try to become the most notorious street racer alive. Outrun both racers and cops to increase your reputation and move up the street racing blacklist.
I've heard that many people did not like it. So I guess you should consider buying another game or just wait untill the next NFS release, which can't be too long considering EA needs some extra finances because of the crisis. Razz
the reason why they didn't like it was that they have played it few years ago, but back then it was named "Most Wanted".
i havent played this game. I would like to know if its like underground 1 and 2. Because i didnt really like any need for speeds after these ones. Because i like to custom the car good, i like the whole fast and furious style of things.
I adore Need For Speed, it is the best game ever! Very Happy
in other decision i'd love pro street than undercover
isnawan wrote:
in other decision i'd love pro street than undercover

To be honest I have only played the demo which ok considering my computer could only play on the lowest seetings, but it ran it stabily for what its worth.
Undercover = most wanted

enough said... no difference between the two besides more cars and customising i.e. parts is not really a feature your stuck with three packages...

Driving games are pretty much repetitive, but the police chases are the best.
No one played High Stakes here? THAT was the ultimate Need For Speed. Great cars, the best chases and above all beautiful tracks.
its got awesome graphicss
This game is very good on PS3, but little boring Razz
My favorite one was NFS2 for its gameplay, next was Prostreet then came Carbon. I hated the Most Wanted one, it was LAME especially for the gameboy.
Hey, who all plays Need For Speed: Most Wanted, for some reason i am no longer allowed to buy any cars, i sold 3 of my cars and it still tells me that i dont have enough room in my safe house Confused kinda upsetting to me. I would really like the have the Gallardo, or how ever its spelled. But i am not allowed to buy it becuase of this problem. Also i am not allowed to buy any other cars becuase i dont have the room. I dont understand this becuase i was able to buy the three cars i had before. I bought one car. then i one the last two. If you can help that would be great. Other than that i love the game Smile
EA Games dont know when to stop making games .
Need for Speed Most Wanted was very great but rest sucks sorry.
i loved NFSU2 the most. There is coming a new NFS: NFS Shift. It is goning to be totally different. No more big tuned muscle cars but racing on the track. more like GT5 of Forza Motorsport.
Smiddie wrote:
i loved NFSU2 the most. There is coming a new NFS: NFS Shift. It is goning to be totally different. No more big tuned muscle cars but racing on the track. more like GT5 of Forza Motorsport.

Need for speed has always been my fovorit racing because it does not try to do more than be fun racing expierinece, which every other racing tries to hard to simulate the real thing, but it impossible giving the less than stellar controls that consoles come with.
most wanted was good ... carbon was too short .. prostreet was not so "need for speed"
need for speed is getting very repetitive now...the new one that came out has similar gameplay to most disappointed...
but need for speed have been the best racing games ever...after GTR that is Razz
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