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What kind of TV do you have?

I have not had a TV since 2001, but am getting curious about world news again, and purchased myself an LG LCD. Amazing how light it is compared with my previous very heavy TV in 2001.

What kind of TV do you have? Is it an LCD or monitor? Do you play TV through your computer?

I find that so much has changed. I also purchased an LG VHS and DVD read and and record player and am now waiting to have a dish installed. Quite a learning curve in the Middle East. All the gadgets are there, but selection and installation can be quite a hurdle. Communication is always a challenge, but I am sure eventually it will come right. When I was in Vancouver, Canada it was effortless, and still is.
mine is Philips LCD 45''. i don't have a VHS but i do have a CD/DVD player same company. if you are in UAE then just go to Eatisalat and subscribe for Evision you won't have any hassel of installation or other. the people from there will do all for you all you have to do is select which pakage you want n pay. you are required to pay monthly charges, just like your telephone bills.
We have 3 TVs. The main one, in the living room, is a Sony BRAVIA 46" (I believe) or something. I think it's an HDTV 1080p. LCD. Do I play TV through my computer? What do you mean by that?
2TV. Both old.

JVC n Goldstar are the brand
We have two televisions a little (55cm) Philips, no LCD, upstairs and a big (82cm) Sony Bravia, LCD, and the quality on that tv is just amazing Shocked


We have Bravia SONY LCD 45 inch with sorround souds its amazing tv for me we buy it i Japan .
I have a 65 in MiMitsubishi. This tv is awesome especially if you are a gamer or movie freak like me. The 3D Ready technology really takes gaming and Blu Ray watching to a new level. check it out here:
I have an old sucky TV. Sad I have tried to use a digital TV tuner thing to watch on my computer instead, but at that time I had an old sucky computer too, and couldn't get it to work. I should really try set it up again since I've bought a new laptop ...
old crt 21" ^^
I had a 20" tube TV, which was fine for the small amount of gaming I would do on it, and the occasional DVD, but for the most part I just used my computer, and now that's all I have and it works brilliantly.
I have a Panasonic, I think its about 30" not sure.. havent gotten my LCD's yet
I have an old Samsung regular TV, which believe it or not has lasted without nay problems for over 10 years now

We have a normal televison at home, I guess it is 21 inche or some thing, cannot say with surely but just estimating from the size of my laptop screen, the tv is a cathode tube one. This one am talking about is the one present in our drawing room.

The other tv in the bedroom is a small one, also a cathode tube one and I guess 15 inches something.

The oldest one in our house was 14 inches black and white one, gave it to the guards though, played everything except the channels! only the nation television chanel it played. My dad tells me we were the first one in the colony to buy a tv, feels so great, haha!!!
I have a Samsung from 2006 and another Samsung from 1998
SpellcasterDX wrote:
We have 3 TVs. The main one, in the living room, is a Sony BRAVIA 46" (I believe) or something. I think it's an HDTV 1080p. LCD. Do I play TV through my computer? What do you mean by that?

You can use your computer for a TV through the addition of a special piece of equipment to your computer. So you can use your computer also as a TV. I may do that one of these days as it is very convenient to have both in the same place.

My dish was installed yesterday, and that was very painless and simple. My dish can access Nilesat, a satellite with almost 250 channels to pick from, and I also subscribe to a Channel service called Firstnet. I did not realize that there were so many channels on Nilesat, which technically are all free, so perhaps will not renew the Firstnet service after its expiry in March. The installation was very professional, and I was truly lucky, as the technicians who did the installation could communicate quite well in English. They also helped me to install all of my ancilliary equipment, i.e. my LG DVD and VHS Recorder and TV. It went much better than I expected and I love my LG LCD. Colour is pretty amazing. Sony is of course superior, but not by much in comparison with LG.
We have just (a few months ago) bought a new Philips. We needed a new one, because the old Philips tv was broken. It had lived for a long time, it reached the age of fifteen, I think.

I have a very old Sony Tv (a little one) but it has an remote control Very Happy
nothing too exciting; its an old CRT. some day soon I will get a plasma though!
I dont know what it is called but mine was a Samsung until few months ago thats as old as me, umm more than 20 yrs old, and excellent color, but small 14 inch size. excellent sound and color than most tvs today of that type. but i own a big ploaroid hdtv. unfortunately had to give away the great tv i had.
I got a hitachi Projector LCD i bought for $3,500. It work greats when pictures come on (it converts 480 to 1080i). But sometimes I cannot see anything on screen, I already replaced the light engine of my TV, but still got problem sometime.
I have a Samsung LCD 26" but i'n 17 years old and I have to pay it by myself.
I have Toshiba LCD TV
a rectangle one Smile

I got a Samsung 32" HDTV
37 inch Toshiba Regza. It only goes up to 1080i though Sad ah well, it was pretty cheap, and the picture still looks amazing Smile
I had a 24" CRT television for the longest time, before getting my Toshiba 52" LCD this past August. Toshiba doesn't get much hype or coverage, but they make a fantastic TV.
I have a 120 Diagonal Inch 1080P tv. I must say, It is very nice!
It's actually a projector, so I can make it as big as I want! Very Happy Games, movies, TV, all very nice.

With the release of ATI's 5000 Series cards I am very temped to save up for one or two of their cards that support 6 display's on a single card, finally make an HTPC, and upgrade to 5 more 1080P projectors and network them in a seamless fashion to my wall. TALK about future proof!! I'll be way ahead of the 1600P game Very Happy My friends would be SO jealous!
I have 3 tvs one is a very small 30 inch. the next is 40 inch and the last is a 60 inch. the first one is old so not lcd or plasma but the rest are plasma
a super old TV that actually has a piece of glass cool!!!! with ears to reflect audio from its speakers with tons of RCA connections with dual coax inputs and other cool stuff and yea was checking the brand and it says JCPenny
I have a 46" Samsung LCD TV and a 27" Apex tube tv that has a high pitched noise that goes off every time you turn it on
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