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TV Card issue

I have a Pixel View TV card but I have a small problem. It works fine if I use only one device in PCI slot. But once I add a dialup modem on the PCI slot TV card stops working and computer restarts. Any one have similar sort of problem or probably a solution for this.
Especially if it is an older modem, check for IRQ conflicts. Try disabling any IRQ assignments you can in the BIOS. (For example, it might have a setting like 'assign IRQ for VGA yes/no'.)

Also, if you can manage it (possible if you have an old ISA slot, but difficult for PCI slots) use a multimeter to measure the power voltage (there are specific pins on each kind of slot designated for power). Be sure to measure it at the slot, in case the motherboard is having problems delivering it, though for a quick check you could measure it anywhere: it is possible that your computer operates at the very limits of its power supply, and the modem pushes it over the edge... If you suspect that, try removing something unrelated like a floppy or CD drive and see what that does.

Try the modem without the TV card in the computer. It might be that the modem is so screwed up that it is preventing the rest of the system from working, and that the TV card is unrelated. (If for example, the modem had a short in it that shorted the PCI power bus to ground, it could prevent the whole computer from working.)

Try switching the slots around. This should not fix anything, but in the past, it actually has fixed things for me before. (One of those weird things that nobody can explain.)
My board is Intel 845 with three PCI slot. Modem and TV card both works very fine if I insert only one device in the slot at a time, but if I insert both than the problem starts again. My modem is smartlink 56k voice modem. Regarding the BIOS setting I haven't checked it out yet but I will. Thanks for your help. I will let you know about my progress.
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