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Frihoster of the year 2008

Frihoster of the year

Choose up to 3 posters (but no more than 3) who you think have contributed most to the forums over the past year,giving reasons,so not just a random name list to gain points.

Frihost Moderator of the year

Choose 1 (yes only 1) moderator who you think has contributed most to the forums over the past year,again giving reasons. IE: don't just choose someone just because they activated your account.

I will let this run for 2 weeks then tot up the votes.
ocalhoun: An active member that often contributes to existing conversations and/or creates them

Indi: An active member that contributes extensively in the philosophy forum, often giving detailed posts... probably one of the biggest contributors to the philosophy forum

Moonspider: I very rarely visit the politics forum (I'm mostly in philosophy and science) but whenever I do, I can count on seeing Moonspider's often valuable input


Bikerman: A really smart person who always knows what he's talking about in the philosophy and science forum. I've learned a lot from reading what he has to say...
*bump* Just because its nearly off the first page and probably won't resurface till about 2010 when someone comes across it in a search and belatedly adds to it..
Ghost Rider103
Rvec - He does a great job moderating these fourms, and also has contributed to the IRC Channel the most out of all the users that join it. In my opinion anyways.

LukeakaDanish - He has done a great job in hopefully getting things somewhat moving on the new design for Frihost. His design may not be used, but it was a great design, and hopefully a good motivation for Bondings to work on it more.

StarWarsFanatic - He has some great quality post. I don't see him post that often, but when he does it is usually filled with a lot of helpful information. He is also one of the main reasons why my design experience is getting greater and greater.

I'd also like to put in a word for Vrythramax (hope I spelled that right Very Happy ) he doesn't come around at all (so it seems like anyways) but there have been some good times back when he was around the forums. Hopefully he decides to come back soon.
Uh-uh-uh... Hard challenge...
1) Manofgames - if you remember him, that's a man of great honesty and very hard-working for Frihost deeds. But I don't see him for almost 4 months around.
2) GhostRider103 - a person pleasant to talk with. Has a great knowledge in his kind of work and interests (graphics) and knows what does he want from life and people Smile
3) ocalhoun - person of great humour and knowledge and of great posting ability. And he learns Russian Smile
Mod) Rvec, smart young fellow. He's working hard to satisfy all users of Frihost and finds time to lurk in IRC.
I do not really know whether I am qualified to judge as I have only been posting since May of this year. My interests are limited to the lifestyle, politics and news type of forums and the postings that I have been reading are limited to these forums.

What would the criteria be for making a judgment? As three posters stood out in a large way for me: Indi, Chris and Ocalhoun. Their arguments are always backed up with solid statements on a very consistent level. Chris and Indi are experts in the field of religion and philosophy, whereas Ocalhoun is an excellent generalist posting over a very wide variety of forums. Think what grabbed me though was the brilliant insights that came from some of Indi's arguments in philosophy and religion. Transcending expert knowledge in the fields. I did not always like the aggressive language nor confrontational tone, but the standard of postings from an insight point of view made a great impression on me. One may look at consistency of research, above average high standard of scientific writing and going the extra mile to assist novice posters as their most important criteria, and for those criteria Chris would win hands down. For a consistent high standard of postings over the widest number of forums, Ocalhoun excelled for me.

I had a look at moderators who posted over a period of a few months (Chris has only recently started as a Moderator and I therefore looked at him as a poster) and favoured the postings by Blackheart. Blackheart's touch is light and almost invisible so as to give free reign, with a friendly manner bordering on a sense of humour. Always non-confrontational, yet firm in judgment, great style of writing, but with the right amount of brevity and simplicity. Never intrusive. As a moderator for me should be, but then of course this is only a personal preference and a very difficult choice to make with perhaps less insight than what I should have for the short period of time I have been around.

In summary:

Poster: Indi, Chris and Ocalhoun
Moderator: Blackheart
I can't say who has contributed most to the forums as I don't look at them all. I only use General, Science and the computer/scripting forums. I can say, though, that Indi, LukeakaDanesh & Bikerman have made my visits here more informative & interesting.

As for a moderator - gawd knows. I don't really take much notice of who is or isn't a mod.
In no particular order...


ocalhoun : A regular to the forums,who unlike most, who tend to stick to one section of it,seems to have an (informed) opinion on most things.

Indi : Tends to stick to the Philosophy And Religion forums and the Science forums. He puts a lot of time and thought into his posts,even when some of those who he is replying to are just adding to their post count to keep their points up.

I have been reading many of Indi's posts for some time now without feeling the urge to join in,mainly because i am not religious and nor am i against it. What i will say if you do get into a discussion with indi,don't leave any room for error or misinterpretation in your posts because Indi will dissect and reassemble your posts and serve up your half baked ideas to you in a 2000 word essay,accompanied by bullet points and links.

Sample thread.: Outrageous: Denmark re-publish Mohammud cartoons

Bikerman : Although now a moderator,he still joins in on forum debates,most moderators once they become moderators,stick to doing mod stuff and stop joining in on threads or starting threads outside of suggestions or frihost support.

Bikerman like Indi stays mainly in the Philosophy And Religion forums and the Science forums but also makes ventures over to History,his posts are always well reasoned and considered,he seems to have a good knowledge and understanding of most subjects.


rvec : He's the only moderator i really notice around these days,if theres a problem in Frihost Support its usually rvec answering it,if theres a suggestion in the Suggestions forum,its usually rvec answering it,so on the basis of being the most active and helpful moderator,i nominate rvec.
I would have to agree ... Ocalhoun, Bikerman and Indi (especially their contributions to the Science Forums)
As this thread is nearly off the first page i will bring it to its conclusion.

With all the votes added up the results are...

Frihoster of the year

Joint Winners.
Indi and ocalhoun

Frihost Moderator of the year

Ghost Rider103
How about a leaderboard so we can see who placed in what position. Like top 10 or something, that would be cool.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
How about a leaderboard so we can see who placed in what position. Like top 10 or something, that would be cool.

There weren't enough votes to make up a top 10,i was going to list all the ones who received votes,but as there were so few i thought i would just list the winners.
Ghost Rider103
Oh ok, I guess I didn't think about that part.

Too bad more people didn't vote, this was a good idea.

Maybe you can start up another topic with a poll, and list all the users that got listed in this thread. A poll might get a bit more results.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
Oh ok, I guess I didn't think about that part.

Too bad more people didn't vote, this was a good idea.

Maybe you can start up another topic with a poll, and list all the users that got listed in this thread. A poll might get a bit more results.

I think those that took the time out to vote, should be the only ones whose opinions count,the kind of people, who would vote on a poll,with a one line comment saying who they voted for,are the same people who post in 3year old out of date, favourite browser type threads and wouldn't really know who is who on here anyway.

The thread was up for 12 days,and i even bumped it once,so it was on the front page in general for a while,so anyone who wanted to vote, could of voted,so although it would of been better and more representative had more people voted,i think it should be left as it is.
Well I am happy with the results, ocalhoun is one of my favorites as he post great picture story's in the Personal Images area and he has made many other nice posts.

I am not sure who else I would have voted for.

You forgot the Best Founder award, I would vote for Bondings Very Happy
Ghost900 wrote:

You forgot the Best Founder award, I would vote for Bondings Very Happy

Sycophant! Laughing
Ghost900 wrote:

You forgot the Best Founder award, I would vote for Bondings Very Happy

Aw, there hasn't been any competition for that award since the great war of '06...

(Disclaimer: war of '06 may be fictional in nature and exist solely for the purposes of a joke. Poster denies all responsibility for historical accuracy of this post.)
I don΄t really know many people in here, but a real and grateful congratulation to whoever gets the most votes!

See you soon, frihosters!
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