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Some amazing fair trade bags

I just came back from a special charity event and it was great. I had never been to one before so I didn't know what to expect, but I was really overwhelmed by seeing all these people who want to contribute something, whether it is by donating money, time or buying products that are made by artisans. Producers receive fair wages for their goods and labour. I actually bought some amazing fair trade bags. They are incredibly professional made and trendy as well! Having seen how easy it is to contribute something to the people that are not as fortunate as we are or to the environment, I've made the decision to volunteer on next year's charity event. Also I would like to know your ways of contributing to the environment or other type of charity!
Well it's nice to see that there's still some people out there that also like to contribute to charity in various ways. I commend you for getting involved.
Good day Afaceinthematrix,

Thanks for reading and recommending this kind of event. Help other people is a remarkable work.

Thanks again and have a blessed day.
They're super cute, but mostly out of my price range.
I would like to mention my yesterday's experience in our nearby Hindu Temple.

In the local Hindu temple near our house in Kerala State, South India, a seven day long event called "Bhagavatha Saptaha Yajna" (Explaining an old Hindu epic "Bhagavatha" to layman by experts) is going on. Everyday, the temple will provide lunch for the attending devotees. Yesterday I went there and noticed that they are using plastic cups to distribute "Payasam" (porridge made with sugar, rice etc) and steel plates to serve major food. I asked them to switch to paper cups instead of plastic as more than 300 people would attend the feast which means 300 plastic cups thrown to our environment, that too in the name of God!.

To my surprise, no one seemed to care for my words and the officials even dared to state that I have no right to interfere in this and its upto them to decide what to use and what is not.

How can we discuss about environment conservation to these people ???
It's great to hear about you standing up for fair wages and conservation.
The Fair Trade Bags wouldn't be something for me, but my FREITAG-Bag is made out of old truck tarpaulins, used seatbelts and innertubes, so I guess it's kinda environment-friendly too. The company also produces in a workshop for the handicapped, which is a nice move in my opinion.
But about the pricerange: I bought it for 150 or so Wink
Hello guys,

I'm very thankful for all your ideas and advices, it's really nice to have a co-member here who are very supportive and share their ideas to other.

Thanks again and all your reply is very remarkable.
yes they are were cute...but the price is very expensive for those bags..we also have group of women who made bags for charities...
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