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what do you prefer?

Do you prefer to be your own boss or work for another person?
What works for me? . . . by Bluedoll

To be our own boss or work for another person

That’s easy, be my own and everything I can be. I think it depends on personality. Some people just like arranging their own day. It does take organizational skills however and a determination to complete a task, the ability to self manage.

Some employers actually look for those qualities in people. Actually some positions require it. They post for the position like “must be a self starter” and some of these placements not only encourage people to be their own boss but require it. When the cat is away the mice will . . .?

On the other hand even freelancers and people that are solely self employed work for other people most of the time in some capacity anyway, so it isn’t really fair to say that anyone can be not working for someone.

However, it is also the case that some jobs do have a great deal more of supervision. In these places, if there is a problem, management does wants you to seek a supervisor for instructions in how to handle it.

The most important aspect to consider for ourselves is I believe to find the best tailor-made job to some degree that suits us. Since every person and every job is different it is really about working and getting along with people even if that person is your customer.

In the end being our own boss means greater responsibility is required and if everything goes wrong we have to accept our failure. On the other hand working for another person although sometimes challenging does remove that extra load of decision making.
I guess the difference, the big difference, is Responsibility, then only people with great skills and a good personality are the best to be their own bosses.

To be an employee is good... but there is a big economic world to conquer.

Thanks for your reply.
Probably everyone would like to be their own boss. However, with that comes a huge responsibility and we have to figure out what business we can be in. If I can figure that out, I think I will be most happy to be my own boss. Will probably require a huge leap of faith into the unknown Smile
i think everyone want to be the boss,howeve,it has a long way to get.
i plan to work for others for years,once i have enough experience and money,i want to do my job.
What would I prefer? To have this choice at all, not just barely surviving Laughing
Crinoid wrote:
What would I prefer? To have this choice at all, not just barely surviving Laughing

To be your own boss and to gain enough money, that is right Smile
It really depends. I hate having a boss that is a moron. I hate being smarter and/or more experienced than my boss because I hate taking orders from someone who is less qualified. But if I have a boss that's smart and well-qualified, then I prefer being the employee because there's less stress and it's just easier.
I have a chance to be my own boss through a scheme with the University I used to be at. I am not sure if I am ready. I have always questioned my own commitment and drive when there is no-one to kick you up the backside.

Tricky one.

Freedom and stress


Comfort zone and prison (figuratively speaking)

Nice points Bluedoll.

I've been my own boss once by running my own hosting company, and enjoyed it. But the profit was less. Right now I am working for someone else, and I get paid more. Plus I don't need to worry about the management side of things.
It is great to be our own boss... But then we have got all the responsibilities and all the liabilities... When we are working for others we just do our duty and get the salary..that's all..!! We are free from all the tensions and we have a little freedom..!!

So i prefer working for others...!!!
I think I would like to work for another person but still be in a high rank, I like resposibility but I don't want all the burden on my shoulders. Besides, to be your own boss you need to have a lot of self-discipline...which I don't think I do.
I prefer being the boss. It gives you the freedom to do what you want, with limitations of course. But working for another person is also a learning experience. Since your boss has more experience, you get to learn a lot of things that will probably become handy when you become the boss.
I've been in both situations before. Working for someone else and working for myself.

I found that although when I worked for myself I tended to make more money. I also worked a LOT more hours to get it. So if I broke it down to an hourly wage I probably would have been better off working for someone else. But then the type of work I did I could work days or nights, or all night if I wanted/had to get finished.

Right now I am in a situation where I don't even have the money to start up any kind of a work for myself position. I'm pretty much stuck.

But given a choice, I'd still rather be on my own than at another person's mercy for a job that could be taken away at any time. Especially in today's economy.

i don't like to be under someone. I sometimes tend to lose my temper in following orders. So its better being boss of yourself
I really feel comfortable when I'm my very own boss Very Happy . The reason is bosses enjoy giving heavy orders and monitoring what someone else is doing. For example, they like to know what you are doing on the Internet while you are working, and in that way, I feel agonized and under-colony.

However, being you are own boss is definitely funny. You feel as you are ruling the whole world.
Being your own boss can have many types of perks and of course many types of risks. The perks may include flexible hours along with more freedom but at the same time comes with a couple of risks.

You must be sure that everything is always running smoothly at all times along with having a product that is continued to be sold which in turn gives you and your company profit. This is at times a very hard, time consuming, and stressful position to be in. If you have the ability to stay organized, on top of everything, and ahead of your competition you can become a very successful person in life.

Having someone else as your boss lowers the stress level put onto your self by a lot. Having someone else there to control major choices made for the company is better for people that dont have the ability to handle high stress leveled situations.

Overall I would say that I like to be my own boss because of the ability to change, re-shape, and control everything about the company I would like.

Once people are organized and are able to manage themselves and time their duties, they can become their own bosses, but, many people can't guarantee to manage their time alone.
edwinl wrote:
Do you prefer to be your own boss or work for another person?

Both has its down and positive sides. Being your own boss makes you get some good working hours, and cool wages, but you also have alot of more stress and responsibility.

I'd still go for being my own though. :p
I like to be my own boss. It does not have to be my own company but in a position where I am in charge. You still have a boss but it's just a bit different.
edwinl wrote:
Do you prefer to be your own boss or work for another person?

My own boss. I always prefer to have the leadership role; just a personality trait i suppose.
I would without a doubt rather work for myself rather the someone else!
If your industry requires customers in order to stay afloat, then you'll never truly be your own boss. Some jobs offer more freedom than others, and those are the ones I prefer. I have had literally dozens of jobs in my life, and have never liked being directly managed by others. It just doesn't fit my personality. As my brother says; I have a "f*ck you attitude", and hate taking orders.
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