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Wedding websites

hi I want to host a site detailing my wedding can you guys help me with some templates and design tips
What a great idea! What content do you have so far? What do you want to put up there? When you get the underlying Information Architechture down, you can begin to nail down what you want for the actual design.

Good luck!
You should make a template with graphics that matches your invitations and design theme for your actual wedding.
It sounds like a blog for your wedding Wink

You may consider WordPress as your CMS

Then go find a nice white theme or any theme of your choice from one of many WordPress theme publishers (both free and commercial)

Touch up the theme to add some personalization and off you go! Laughing
First things first! For when is the wedding... to see what is the deadline you have?
I can send you a fulll custumizable fash website template... And even help you with the changes you would want on it!!! I am playing arrount with flash a lot these days and found myself doing some nice stuffs for friends and family so since i have to interact with people in these forum in order to be eligible for free hosting... I said to my self why not some free clients... I a offering this to you for free because i have no professional background on graphic design but need to get myself some exposure ...
Let me know what you think of that website i host over :"bravenet"

I could do something like this for your wedding... but with the wedding theme of course...

No offense factorymizik, but I hosted on Bravehost once and found that the ads were really distracting. From looking at your site, it looks like there are fewer, but that's why I came to Frihost, no ads!
No offence on that thats why i am here too.... looool
Could not transfer my website due to a mistake of my part when i ask for a free hosting account here, i deleted all my initial directory files... so i have to wait till a manager help me restart everything so i could start transfering .. but the link i sent you is just to visualize the design behing the flash website...
If you like i can help on that side ... as for the hosting i will give you the source files for you to upload it here...
I'm not a manager or anything like that, just a fellow designer here for a place to put my small personal site up someplace for free. Can't afford "real" hosting even for $5/mo. Frihost has been great. Very little downtime and no ads which is pretty amazing.

I'm curious though, why can't you just copy all the files over to the frihost site? Do you mean you deleted the folders that automatically come on your account like the public_html or whatever?

Hope the problem gets fixed soon.
I deleted the content of the original hosting setup with the public html on it!
grrrrr!!!! Rolling Eyes
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