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Wrath of the Lich King

So, anyone have this yet? I'm getting it no matter what (not addicted <_<). What do you guys think about it? I'm thinking this will be better than The Burning Crusade.
My friend has tried it and said it's pretty good. I might give it a try if I get the time.
yep same here, I've tried it and its great! you should play it Very Happy
I've got a friend that loves the game, I don't really, I'm more from Guild Wars, but I most love the XBox 360 Games Very Happy
Pretty good. A lot of new quests. I purchased it on the day it was released and even though before today I have not had much time to play it due to finals I have still managed to get my main from 70 to 73, almost 74. Death Knights are pretty cool also.
I haven't got it yet, I'm planning to. I didn't really hear any opinions from people, that I know, that play WoW yet. I'm not sure whether it's worth getting or not, none of my friends have it so I'm waiting for them to get it first.
when a friend buys the game, he gets a 10 day free trial and the friend get's a month free, you should ask a friend who plays it!
Okay, thanks for the responses. I'm trying to get it as soon as I possibly can. My main character is level 61, and has been level 61 for too long. I never play WoW anymore, but I was planning on playing it again when WotLK released. Again, thanks for the positive replies everyone.


EDIT: They now have a 10-day Trial for WotLK, I'm downloading the client right now. Pretty darn big though =([/i]
Don't get the trial unless you have a character of at least level 68. Or you might want to create a Death Knight, in which case a level 55 might suffice.

Wrath of the Lich King offers naught to people who don't fit the requirements above.
well ... my brother played WoW ... he was thinking about Wraith of the Lich King, but ... because the box is only the game ... not even a free month he told - NO WAY, and now he have Lineage 2 and plays on official server Smile
Sticky: [OFFICIAL] World Of Warcraft - No new topics about this

What happened to that statement?
joostvane wrote:
Sticky: [OFFICIAL] World Of Warcraft - No new topics about this

What happened to that statement?

Eh, kinda forgot about that, since it's just an expansion.

My main used to be a 61 Paladin, I kinda got bored of him. Got the 10-day trial, made a Death Knight, and I got him all the way to 70! I gotta buy the game now, hope to get it soon. I recommend it.
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